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naif (sleepless77) wrote,
@ 2008-12-03 00:55:00
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    new singapore!
    I get some comments from people who watch Snow White that they're 'surprised' at how I managed to 'get away' with some of the political jibes in the play.

    Are we really liberalising? Could this be the New Singapore?

    1) First things first, whatever happens in the privileged arena that is the theatre does not necessarily reflect current socio-political reality. It is a fallacy to believe that the theatre is some kind of barometer for social change. The explosions are contained.

    2) I don't think I'm pushing any out-of-bound markers. I don't write plays as if they are furtive, guerilla attacks at the establishment. So it's tiring whenever I get called 'edgy' or 'daring'. What is the issue here is the discrepancy between your perception of what is dangerous or permissible, and my own.

    3) When people express 'surprise' at 'how far I managed to go', what they are essentially doing is expressing their own internalised fears.

    4) I know the paranoia that is so entrenched that one speaks of ISD folders, bugged phones, hacked emails, civil service blacklists, etc. I have wrestled with these issues myself, and it all boils down to: don't they have better things to do? It would be tragic for Singapore if I'm perceived as a threat when there's a supposed terrorist who escaped from our local Guantanamo Bay who's still at large.

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