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Rachel (sleepingbeauty7) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 09:09:00
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    It's in the morning. And I'm gonna get ready for school. I have some schooling at home and some at my HS. I have my show choir at school and my french at school. But, all my other core classes I have at home. It's better bcuz I was having trouble with some kids at school. So I was just fed up with it all and just finally had to leave. It's a lot harder having school at home. But, I guess it's worth it.

    It's so cold right now! I have my coat in lay away and I guess I'm just gonna have to freeze until pay day. It's even cold in my house, but it's colder outside.

    Golden Girls is the best show ever. I love that show. It's on lifetime. It's on all the time. That's a feel good show and it's cute.

    I feel so bad for my baby...his teacher gave him the wrong grade on his rough draft that he had for English. He thought he got a B on it. And he worked so hard. He spent hours and hours and hours on that thing. But then she called and said she gave him the wrong grade and he really got a 51 on his paper. He was so upset and so was his mom. His parents are very respectable ppl...and they're they expect only the best of David. His father is a DR and wants to have the best for his child and when he gets a bad grade they take it out on him 100%. So..he's got a pretty hard life. When ppl meet a rich person they automatically have the steriotype that they are really stuck up..but David wants nothing more than a regular life without ppl talking about his money. Even I get it. :( Ppl will say that I'm using him for his money (which it's not him who has the money. It's his parents money. AND, I'm the one who gives HIM money most of the time) and a girl was talking about the size of his house and said, "Ugh, he is so rich. Oh my gosh...he's so rich." blah blah blah, I hate that. I could care less if his parents and him lived in a box. It's annoying. I love David for him. Not for his name.

    Anyway, enough complaining....The Nanny is also a really good show too. Lifetime is just the greatest channel. (Or so I think) I'm addicted to Lifetime. Heh. Fran Fine get's me going in the morning. It would rock if I had a nanny as cool as Fran Fine from the Nanny.

    Well---I'm gonna get going. :-D

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