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Michelle (slavetwoana) wrote,
@ 2003-11-05 20:08:00
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    I'm kinda happy but kind of upset. After December's recital for hiphop (since its a half class) I tried signing up for it again because I really enjoyed it, with it being my 2nd time doing it and all, but apparently I was too late (cause i was sick the 1st time we signed up) and all the spaces were filled. So I chose modern dance. I mean I am excited for it but at the same time, a little bit upset because i was really getting into hip hop. Oh ya and for ballet one of my pointe classes (i'm in two now) is a half class and I just decided to take nothing in its place so as of jan, I will be taking: 1 pointe class, 1 ballet, 1 jazz, 1 tap and 1 modern(half class). But its cool I guess. I'm so glad though that this year my parents let me take 6 dance classes, cause last year they only let me take 3 full and one half, but cause I'm a senior and I had a rocky last couple of years, they did it to make me happy....hmmm go figure.

    Anyway I have a lot of stuff to do in school tomorrow that I do not want to do at all. Like tons of projects and quizzes and tests and all that shit. Well whatever, I'm gonna go, the OC is on soon. Later!

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