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My Hasteless Pursuit (slanty182) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 18:27:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:I believe in a thing called love!!!!!-CHINGAO!!!

    Me gusta escuchar musica.

    Gosh dern, I've been needing a cigarette so fucking bad ALL DAY. I chewed the caps of my pens/hairclip to hell. aw fuck. I've been doing good too. Today was sorta okay, except I thought I was going insane. Not good. Not good at all.

    "I'm black but I'm comely." That is the name of one of our concert pieces. LOL. The only thing I like about it is we're going to sing it in Latin. YES. I want to learn latin so bad. Stupid Lee. Stupid Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District.
    World History
    Gosh, I freakin' love Ms. Galloway. Jesus Christ, that pimp is the shit. We had our first lecture notes in like a week and oh did it feel good. Oh gosh, it was like a learning-gasm. Yes. LOLOLOLOL the funniest thing happened today in that class..
    Galloway: For the most part, the new world did not have many domesticable animals.
    Somebody I forgot who it was: so they like didn't have any animals?
    Galloway: Well not domesticable ones!!
    Somebody: HUHUH?? Well what did they have??
    McCravey: uh BEARS!! you dumbass.
    Kyle: and VAMPIRES!!!
    holy shit, that was so fuckin' funny. oh my god!!!!!!
    Theatre Arts
    Working on my scene. My Life in two and a half minutes. Great Fun.
    Algebra Dos
    Learning some stupid shit. God how I hate radicals and discriminates. I hope they die. DIE. DIE!!
    I was about to fucking go insane in this class. Holy shit, everybody took like forever and a day on that easy ass test. I didn't even read or do the questions and I know I passed. Damn, people are fucking stupid. PLUS, Ms. Morgan kept on making me be quiet and shit. That made me want to die. I was really quiet too, but she was still all BE QUIET BE QUIET BE QUIET and I was all like " GIVE ME A MOTHERFUCKING BREAK!!!!" only whispering but still loud, ya know?? yeah, I think she heard me. LOL. I threw paper at Mrs. Morgan but she was gonna give me a freakin' referral so I stopped 'cause I'm a pussy and I don't want to get in trouble.
    Took a quiz. Got an 80 go me. Mr. Rubright got really loud and mad today. Holy shit, he's such a bitch.
    Basically, it was a freakin' free day. Go us. When everybody was all quiet, I yelled out "CHINGAO!!" and everyboyd looked at me. Apparently, it's like a bad word in spanish or something. I did not know this. LOL, I thought somebody just made it up or something. Ms. Delgado didn't hear me. lol GOOD. Ever since this semester started and I've been in the 7th period spanish class, Keith has been all like..good you're so cute, man ur such a trip lol..cuz one day I was walkin' in front of him 'cause he has a front desk and I just bust out with.." DO THE CRYPT!!!" as I did the crypt dance. lol it was great. Well today he was all like.."we're going to get married when we're like in our 80's" LOL he's such a sweetheart. Ha, I hope I'm dead by the time I'm 80. Not because of the marriage thing, but just because I do. LOL. KEITH IS A WEIRDO.

    I'm not trying to punish you. It is not my place to. I just want me to be happy and for you to be happy. Be happy Robert! BE HAPPY BE HAPPY. you were even almost a "sunny" person for a while. Be with your dude if it makes ya happy. 'Cause that's what I want, hun. I think what I want is for you to be there, but not so close. Like, I still want to be able to converse with you, ah fuck, I don't know. Nevermind.
    Gersh. BE HAPPY, hoe. if there's anything I can do, I'm here.
    Oh and what??>"But do you realize that by running from yours, i'm the one with it now.
    I'd rather it be that way, but i have to bitch about it."
    explain explain? Thank you.



    1. Salvation.
    2. Melissa's
    3. Movie
    4. My house
    5. Diane's house.
    6. Something with Aimee, I miss that hoe MAN!!


    Alright alright I'm finally done.


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