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matt [this is now, live it] (skippykills) wrote,
@ 2004-01-26 17:36:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:grandaddy - now its on

    hello again, hello again my friend
    havent updated in a while, sucks. lifes been good, chilling with my homies and having good times. friday i got checkers with tom, rob and frankie then watched fight club at my house which fucking rocked my ass. saturday i went up to fucking glen head with hunter and ryan to see nsg and livingbrooks at rock lobster. saw janice, ivy and a few other people i knew there so that was cool. livingbrooks fucking rocked as usual, and i took almost a full 36 bw roll of them. then we went backto pequa to try n find a party to no avail then ended up getting kim and fred then going 110 in my buick on ocean pkwy, ryan showed his penis to a lot of people also but im not gonna talk about that. then we took that to the end then took meadowbrook pkwy to merrick and went home. mucho fun. sunday i did my spanish project with barnwell, ott and campo then went to frankies for the ppv last night, then we played some royal rumble pool and other shit. today i went to husseins to do another part for our spanish project and eat taco bell. then i went to pathmark and got a job which ive been vying for for a good 3 weeks. orientation saturday at 9 and i start at 7/hr, rock. got my spanish regents tommorow so i gotta study my ass off in the meantime. possible food/raw tonight.

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