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matt [this is now, live it] (skippykills) wrote,
@ 2003-12-26 22:15:00
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    taking the bridge to heaven
    been a fun vacation so far. saw ROTK which fucking rocked, then xmas eve i worked in the afternoon then my grandmas came over and we ate dinner. my grandma stayed overnight then the next morning i went out skating to a bunch of random spots which was fun, then me and my family went to my aunts and had dinner there and stuff, that was cool. today i went over to copaigue to skate at this park josh told me about. got there and then some kids came to skate it, we hopped the fence skated a bit then had to hop back over cause a cop was passing. apparently this stuff is kinda illegal, hehe. so then we skated for a while, some other kids came. i did some cool stuff, the other kids were impressed which doesnt say much but we had fun. then i was tired as fuck and the wind off the water doesnt help much so i left, stopped at 7-11 to get some grub then went over to circuit city to try n get a dvd, bad idea. so many fucking people there and i didnt find it. then i went over to suncoast at the mall and found cowboy bebop for $19 and i had a $5 off coupon which helped. i couldnt find aqua teen or aquabats so i was able to order the aqua teen dvd and it should come in a week or so, rock! then i got home and watched the bebop movie which is fucking amazing, it builds off of so much left untold by the show. then ive been hanging around since, called up some people but i dont wanna go out now cause im hella tired, whatever. well, back to chilling.

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