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*Shannon* (skippershan) wrote,
@ 2004-02-04 20:32:00
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    Current mood:eah
    Current music:dancing in the moonlight-van morrison ha turnabout song!! wo

    well today was a pretty good day...considering yesterday i couldnt sit still for like second and was the worst a.d.d ever haha but today i was still pretty talkative but its not bad i like being in a good mood haha but i worked with jenna which is always a blast and then we went to colonial for dinner which was yum! shes hilarious and we called this one gentleman that stalks her and he had no idea who i was which made it really funny! But i did find out some pretty interesting news yesterday and i at first i was like ahhh no biggy but then when i went to bed i couldnt stop thinking about and i was really mad and i didnt want ot be so i got even more mad and i hate when that happens ha so yeahhhh but it had to do with turnabout( what doesnt these days- my school is so badd errrrr) and now i really dotn want to go ahhhh i hate but tomorw i am getting my hair cut and colored and im way nervous...i hate getting my hair cut and i HATE pimples errrr with all my life i hate them ahhh i could shoot them right now! ha but yeah i dont like this one person that i used to and i am so glad and i also realized that i actually havent liked him for awhile woooo hoo cause he is actually being really kinda mean lately ha god i pick good ones! but gonna go watch some tele and relax a bit cause im super mega tired sweet dreams everyone! peace xoxo ~*S*~

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