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*Shannon* (skippershan) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 20:03:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Gangsta Nation-Westside Connection

    well i today i had to pick a class ring and it sucked...i hate makeing decsions mostly b/c i suck at it and always want more than i can have haha which can be a problem...and i was looking at them all day and couldnt decide between three of them and i finally got one and i dont know if it is the one i really want b/c i love these two but oh well not a big deal i hate my school anyways haha pshh... well amazons poetry womens club had their first meeting today haha aka katie and co. but omg it was awesome i love ms robin shes adorable we just alk about sutff and its really cool b/c she doesnt care what we say and shes got such a good outlook on life and we get really deep and its funny but oh man katie sausen and anne valley came and ohh i love them too ha but yeah and then i got home late but D told me some mega sad news about your grandma and i feel terrible and i have never lost a grandparent and i cant even imagine how it would feel and usually i just laugh my problems away but i cant do that for other people and thats what makes me sad! i wish no one would have to die i hate it... i wish we could just press a button and die when we want...that would be sweet ass! ha but tomorw i think i am going to woodfield with D and some other girls and we are dress shopping for turnabout which will be pimp but getting there is hell i hate it but anyways tomorw should be a good day mostly b/c it is a friday WOOOO ! yess well i gotta rocket and do some h/w ...ick oh well gots to be done...peace xoxo~*S*~

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