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Wendy (skin_girl_1488) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 09:24:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:Symphony No. 9

    It's funny the way things turn out. I'm supposed to be taking a final test in mental health right now. Instead I'm sitting here. Why? Because I fucking got suspended. Twenty minutes into the school day. That fucking bitch Mrs. Ebert can suck my dick.

    Ryan left school with me. We came to my house and he's in the kitchen getting something to eat. Ryan wants me to shave his head today. I hope my clippers work. Last time I tried to shave his head they went nuts and malfunctioned or something. I need new ones. These are almost as old as I am.

    My brother Christian is coming home from college soon. I don't know why. Mom got a letter from him saying he needed to come home. Being the youngest of the kids leaves me out of knowing family business, for some reason. But this house is too big for just me and mom and the dog. So Christian being home will be nice for a while.

    But then, Mom's sister Ellen and her two kids are coming to stay for the weekend. They'll get here Thursday night. My cousins are fucking annoying. Sarah and Josh. Josh is my age, Sarah is a year younger. And they piss me off. Last time they were here Sarah went through all my shit and then complained that I don't have mascara. I almost decked the bitch. And Josh, well, he's just a dickhead. So I'm trying to talk Jack's mom into letting me crash there for the weekend. I don't think she'll mind much, she never does.

    Speaking of Jack, he's got this new girlfriend. She's weird. All black capes and too much eye make up, and fake vampire teeth and shit.

    14wendy88: so that's your new girlfriend.
    hate_with_pride: yea, amy and I are together. why?
    14wendy88: she doesn't seem your type.
    hate_with_pride: hahaha, how would you know my type?
    14wendy88: ok, so she's not the type I think you should be with.
    hate_with_pride: and what kind of girl do you think I need?
    14wendy88: i think you need a good skin girl, match your mood.
    hate_with_pride: hahahahahah.
    14wendy88: what?
    hate_with_pride: a skin girl... like you, wendy?
    14wendy88: i didnt mean me.
    hate_with_pride: oh, but wouldnt that be cute?
    14wendy88: not really.
    hate_with_pride: we'd make a beautiful couple
    14wendy88: please. you're joking, right?
    hate_with_pride: am I?
    14wendy88: you'd better be.
    14wendy88: jack, you're joking aren't you?
    hate_with_pride: yea, I'm joking.
    14wendy88: ok
    hate_with_pride: I gotta go.

    Right. On another note, Ryan bought me a Skrewdriver tee shirt. It's great.

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