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welshmo (skin_deep_love) wrote,
@ 2005-05-10 23:43:00
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    Current mood:weird
    Current music:athlete - wires

    wierd day!!!
    soo yea school today.
    was ok day i guess.kinda went bit nuts cause i was talking about the plans for my b-day and then rob said that boo was gay cause i mentioned how he was coming and so went bit nuts started saying how i dont give a shit on others opinion, and how they dont even fucking know him but they're just follwoing the fucking crowd cause people like mark hate him.just pissed me off so much. i jsut hate it when they judge people like that.its pathetic.
    had a good r.e. lesson me and eleri just writing random notes to each other was funny as fuck and started creating a list of whos coming to my b-day party.we need lots like over 60 seriously, tis gonna be big, like bigger than a jumbo sausage hehe. and we made a list of stuff we need to bring, eleri wrote some random stuff, was bril though. really hope she can camp out. i really hope we can cause i aint actually asked mother dearest yet.ill just tell her were camping in howards field, lol im sure she'll allow it.i hope :s. just think positive.
    im really scared cause people keep saying oh your gonna love my prezzie blah, but i hate suprises, like i cant react well if i dont actually like it, i cant fake liking it, cause ive never had to do that before.but hey tis there fault, they are my friends so they should know what to buy anywhooo.
    went to hereford sixth form col today, really scared of going. for so many reasons really.but there all kinda pathetic.just scared of leaving people i care about so much behind, i know ill still see them but i wont see them as often, and it will just be wierd.
    im completely confused about everything ive never felt so wierd in my entire life. i have so many feelings rushing through me its unbelievable but its a lush feeling at the same time. hmm.
    cant believe it friday will be my last day in my school, last day with my friends as a whole year.its fucking crazy shit.
    but yey wooooo have some bril plans for my party so think happyness.11 days to go wooooot.
    loving you love me xxxxxxxxxxxx

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