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:._ z _.: (sins_of_god) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 00:44:00
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    Current mood:.. blitzoff! .:snickerfit:.
    Current music:project_pitchfork-timekiller

    ... been playing Final Fantasy X's Blitzball mini-game. ... it's ... interesting. Tidus, who's supposed to be the star-player is outshadowed by Rikku's BROTHER. ( Does this guy have a name? ) In anycase. We're -supposed- to get FFX-2 when I finish goofing off and vanquish Sin. u.u I already killed that 140,000 HP thingy that eats things. Seymour's still in the way.. then Yu Yevon and the final Aeon, if I recall the guide.

    She works tomorrow. Really early, so I get to stay up all night. u.u; For once, the night didn't end in passionate escapes from reality!! Yay!

    -.- I wonder why. Hmph. Oh well. I'll let her do whatever she wants. It's probably nothing but ...
    Oh. Yeah. -.- I may be working on an RPG based loosely from these little "dreams" i've been having.

    Main character's named Keiji Krauss. "K" for short. His father was japanese american, which explains the first name. He adapted his mother's name, 'cause... that's who he lives with.
    u.u; story is finished, at least the prologue leading up to the actual game. If anyone's interested in it, to help or just to lend friendly criticism, u.u; i'm always around, whether i like it or not.

    angel of one black wing

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