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:._ z _.: (sins_of_god) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 18:00:00
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    Current mood:.. bored ..
    Current music:rob_zombie-living_dead_girl

    hmn. like it matters
    y'know? there's just some times in life that nothing really matters. like the small fact that my discman is about to quit because of low batteries. she's at work, and i supposed that makes me a free man for a while. eh. dunno, really. i love her and shit, but .. there's just something that don't really make sense. like dreams, for instance. hmn. that girl's here again. i wish she'd quit staring at me like i'm single or some shit. would my life be much better if i was? doubt it.
    in anycase. i'm awaiting a reply from trent, an age old friend ... like it matters, y'know? never see anyone again, it's unlikely that my life will go through with anything. oh, yeah. really hung out with her best friend and her friend's ex-boyfriend or something. me and rob get along, like the same music and shit. better than that soft r'n'b shit she listens to. i tolerate it, but hey. i'm an angsty guy, who the fuck cares about "those jeans" or "shakin' ya tailfeather"? .. answer: not me. heh. mm. rob zombie. been a while since i listened to anything by them, y'know?

    in anycase. there's something that i probably need to talk to her about, probably sooner than later. dunno. maybe i'll head down to the canal tonight, since she doesn't get off work until ten or some shit like that. one thing i like about headphones. y'see? i know the people next to me are trying to insult me, 'cause i dress in all black and have a chain that has the emblem of the star of david; also known as the pentagram. oh well. it doesn't really matter.

    what -does- matter?
    Anyways. enough rambling, i'm gonna head out for awhile, trying to figure out the meaning of adolescent idiocy.

    Angel of One Black Wing

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