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:._ z _.: (sins_of_god) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 15:30:00
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    Current mood:... tranquil ...
    Current music:Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit

    quivering dreams from feverish minds, fearful days of innocent disgrace. that's ... pretty much what I have been going through for the last few days. but hey, like it matters right? there's a different degree to which things might happen. i've come to a conclusion, however. living in this city has isolated me. my only friends? aside from my girlfriend ... is an old man who i see sometime at the library, an amusing girl that has been waiting for me and my girlfriend to break up, this girl's friend whom we share idle interests in shadow hearts, a ps2 dark-roleplaying game.
    what does all that mean? i guess i need some new friends.
    other than that, wonderful. despite a few more minor bouts ... our hearts are slowly healing, and now this pain might be replaced with something more, maybe i am going to be happier here than anywhere else, i just need some friends ... something to do, other than waste my time waiting for her. urgh. yes. i said urgh. y'know. gutteral grunt. but hey. was asked which am i: submissive or dominent. easy to answer. i'm submissive. submissive and easily walked on. 'cept when it comes to some one trying to invade my girlfriend's space. Lol. still having issues getting over that. it was funny. this drunk tried calling me satan and then saying he had power over me.
    some time, i'm sure i'm going to get tired of listening to this cd, but until then, it's nice. linkin park's meteora. Breaking the Habit is what I'm currently listening to, but hey.
    in any other case, i'd probably stop rambling, but for some reason, i want to rant. she tried to hook up cable when we can't afford it. oh well. i'll probably go off to read some more idle information on castlevania sites, then run off to deliver some keys ... then take the garbage out ... then clean up around, and try to -not- play that god-damned phone game again.

    Angel of One Black Wing

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