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Angel of Khaos (singtherapture) wrote,
@ 2004-02-13 21:27:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:tonight not again by jason mraz

    oh theres an empty place in these bones....
    this very may well be the last entry in this journal.
    and i'm going to pretend like its not.

    i played Magic with andy this morning.
    i didnt get any coffee though.

    we watched a film about costa rica in spanish. well, at least i did. george and chris at least looked the the TV. everyone else was rude and didnt pay attention.

    lit. was dull, as usual.

    lunch was fun, as usual. i love bianka, she's my best friend, and that will never change. andy gave me a duct tape rose. and bianka. and carrie. i feel......special.

    band was better than usual, but only because we spent the whole time actually playing my favorite song.

    bianka told me something that i feel bad about. (and i didnt even do it this time, w00t). yemi bought roses and gave them to nataly, and then he asked her out. according to bianka, this is a bad thing. and so i feel bad about it. *sigh*

    biology was awesome. we disected the worm today. it was great, minus the part where taylor decided that sticking a worm in my face is a good idea. then he called me a dork for working on my own. asshole. well, at least he taught me how to make the worm poop.

    anyways, anthropology was boring, but i got to sit in an awesome seat.

    geometry was awesome. Tati teached the class and i learned a lot better. we got our tests back and i didnt fail! yes!

    well, thats all. i really do want to rant, but i dont feel like posting it here.

    <3, but not really, for the last time


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