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Nora (sinfulangel27) wrote,
@ 2004-01-26 10:56:00
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    wow...havent updated in forever! seems like i only get a chance to these days, on snow days and what nots. well, life is good i suppose. i have my baby boi which is my only source of happiness. stephen had to go back to college thou yesterday. i bawled my eyes out. its so hard to let him go.

    play pratice after skool. bleh. home. shower. stephen came home for the weekend end so he came over. we went to red robin so he could get his paycheck and i could get my shedule...(more bleh)...then to the eagle to get dinner...his parents decieded to join...(BLEH!!!!!!!!!) yea...i dont even wanna talk about that. getting to dinner was quite an adventure thou. we had to park in the lot next to the eagle which was a funeral home...yea we park in the farthest spot away from where we were going...walked across entire lot in freezing cold...jumped off a 2 foot wall into the eagle lot walked across that and finally got in. dinner. then we stopped at target to get a disposable camera for saturday but i ended up having stephen buy me a bathing suit :)!! and i got a summer dress, purse and candles...hehehe...then bak to my house cuz ppl were coming over between 8:30 and 9...went bak to the house and put on as good as it gets...stephen gave me a wet willy...eeeewwwwie....and we jus played around and then he fell asleep. everytime he changed positions he kissed me on the forehead without even realizing it :) ...11 rolls around and no friends and stephen had to leave :( so i jus went to bed

    day of the snowflake ball, my skools winter semi formal. 8 am: 4 inches of snow. bleh i was so afraid the dance would get cancelled. went to get my hair done. came home. slept. chilled all day....4:30 stephen came to pick me up. he surprised me with a corsage which i told him was a waste of money. took pictures. went to his house...more pictures...then to malleys for dinner! dinner was great and stephen was being so adorable. then back to his house cuz he couldnt find his cell fone. then to the dance. dancey dance then leave to go to simone's birthday party/sleep over. chill there with my baby 1:30 he hasta leave cuz he's not allowed to sleep over. hang out with my friends..3:30 we find out that a friends party was busted by the cops....i still dunno what the details were. get to sleep around 6.....

    wake up at fucking 7:30...go down stair where the guys were sleeping and wake them 9 everyone was up and nate made french toast..yum. 10: mom picks me up. home. sleep till 12:30. steve comes over round 1:45. we jus talk and then go to red robin for a sort of lunch. then to see butterfly effect. that was a fucking awesome movie! except i started crying because i realized the sooner it was over the sooner steve had to go back to college :( ...then to his house to pack the car...he was supposed to come over for dinner and then leave but his parents were being anal cuz there was a snow storm coming. stephen took me home said goodbye and left. i cleaned my room and tried to keep busy. watched the osbornes and went to bed.

    today, no skool. fucking 6 inches of snow...icy mixture for today and tomorrow and then tomorrow nite, another snow storm. i miss my baby sooooooo much. last nite when he was driving me home. i kept wanting to tell him to jus keep driving

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