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sinead (sinead) wrote,
@ 2004-01-13 17:16:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Obvios by blink 182 (there new stuff rules..its so diffo!)

    Well! wot an eventful day!!! not!!.... *yawn* its bin slow an borin... hmmm mite go out soon. kye woz ment to be cumin round but :-(...he cunt his mummy n daddy got back of holiday n they want to take im out!! i think its ded sweet! wish my parent cud do that.. wish thye cud afford it.. funny how u apreciate everything everyone else has got... spec wen its da simple luxeries u jus cant afford!!!... id luv it if my parents did thta.. id love it if thye just went on holiday lol. but hey gd things cum to those who wait! wel n e ways he mite be cumin round tomoz insted n avin tea!!! :-D:-D:-D.. well if he wants tea of course i aint gunna force it dwn his throat lol..

    :-O had a test to day!!! :-O i woz shitin it! but i think i did arite... hope fully! cant wait till march we get results den i can stop holdin ma breathe! (mite be blue n ded by den but wot the hey! i no sum peeps will appreciate dat lol...yers u no who u are!)

    n e ways gunna go get ready to go out!! so catch laterz... oh am of for anuva "evenful" nite dwn mozzies(morrisons) jus sit in maccies n play cards n shit lol...surprised we dnt get kicked out!:-O... but tonite am actually buyin ma tea:-O that happens like once n a blue moon!:-O

    catch ya laterz kiddas!
    lv sinead

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