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~*Bekah*~ (simplymiserable) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 00:54:00
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    Current mood: drunk

    driving drunk=bad idea
    so tonight was...shall i say interesting. i just now got home after leaving my house at 2 this afternoon. but me and eric got to hang out for awhile and that was nice. i dropped him off at the skateboarding place and i didn't end up gettin him until 11 tonight (and i dropped him off around oh 5ish) and so i went to ashly's house. and then i had to go get cassidy. and so ryan came and got them (it was ryan's birthday) and they were all gonna go off. well i go up to visit danny at work (wow i forgot how hot he was) and so i was up there for awhile talkin to him and i was about to get in the car when i see brittany runnin in the gas station. and so i go in to say hi and who do i run into? MY RAYMOND!!!! :) it made me so incredibly happy. i love my raymond. and so he sees me and comes up to me and hugs me and he's on the phone with his mom and i'm all happy to see him and he's holding my hand and just smiling at me. it was so great. he wanted me to go to a party with him but i had to get eric so i couldn't. :( damn it. but i gave him my number and told him that he should call me sometime and he said yea that he will probably end up callin me tomorrow. (YEAH!!) and so i was around him for awhile just smiling and holding onto him cause i miss him so much. and wow it was so great. i really wish i could have gone with him, but no, i have to be a mother and take eric and pick him up...great. and so after that i get a call that ashly is at cassidy's house and cassidy asks if i wanna come over for a bit. and i was like nah i'm fine. and then i got to thinkin about it and it was only 8 and eric wouldn't be done until almost 11 so i called her back and asked if it would be alright for me to come over and she was like sure why not. and this is where the fun started. preston was drunk when i got there...or workin on it. and ashly was gettin there as well. so i drink a little bit. (and when i did this it was oh maybe 9:30 ish...didn't leave to get eric until 10:30 so i was basically straight by then) and so after awhile ryan gets completely shit faced. it was his birthday. but he ends up throwing up and all this shit. and i am taking care of him and eric calls me and is like ok i'm ready you can come get me now. and so i was about to leave and ryan starts throwin up even more. and so i'm having to take care of him cause cassidy can't stand throw up. and so i'm takin care of him knowing i have to leave to get eric and finally cassidy was like whatever just go. and so i left to get eric. still a bit tipsy according to him and so i'm cryin on the way there and so i get there and he was like what is wrong? and i was like nothing at all. and i'm actually upset cause i should have been there helping cassidy take care of preston and ryan. and he says i'm drunk and that i need to eat (i really didn't want to eat) but he made me anyway...well, actually i only had half of a chicken finger. but still, it was food. my stomach hurts pretty bad right now though. :/ oh well. but we were driving around when we see eli and cassidy. and so they pull up next to us and eli tells me that ryan is driving his truck. ryan is shit faced and couldn't even walk. so i get upset cause i know this is my fault. if i was there i would be taking care of him and i could have taken him home but i wasn't there so i couldn't. and when we finally catch up to him he collapses on his steeringwheel and is puking all in his truck. so we take him home and his mom was like thank you so much...and so eric is ready to go home by then and so we go to his house and as we are there ashly comes up to the car crying sayin how we need to stop preston and how preston is leavin and shit and so i get out of the car and run to catch preston and as i'm doin this eli shows up and is like what are you doing? and i said that ashly was cryin sayin i needed to get preston and he was like oh well i told him to. somehow i end up the bad guy in everything. and so i go back up to my car where eric is with ashly. and he's bein real nice to her and she's crying and cassidy was like get in the car bekah. (yea, it was only a few steps away to get to where the car was goin anyway) but i get in and then they carry ashly up to the stairs and she's cryin and we are tryin to make her feel better and cassidy looks at me and says "me and eric have it. you can go home now bekah" yea, like i'm gonna leave my best NO. and so eli and preston come back from their drive and so ashly wants to go talk to preston and so eric carries her over there and they are yelling at us to go away. so we go away and go back over to cassidy's house. and so eventually they come over and take ashly to eli's house (which is just like 3 houses away) and as we are goin over there cassidy said "you need to move your car bekah. don't block my driveway". (yea, like i'm the one that parked it there...once NO.) and so i finally get back over to eli's and they are all there talking. and eric is pissed at me cause i asked him why he didn't like me. and so as soon as they take ashly to bed eric walks to his house and says i'm tired. goodnight. and so he walks up to his house. i could barely get him to stop to hug me. but he was still pissed but he was just blowing me off sayin he was tired. so i get home and guess what...eric is on the internet playin fuckin poker. i am NOT happy. but once again my feelings don't matter. just as long as he gets money and food and my car...other than that i'm not worth shit. it sucks not being cared about...

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