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c* a* r* o* l* :] (simple_things) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 00:32:00
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    Current mood: exhausted

    wow thats all i have to say
    tonight was soooooo horrible at first like i went to this kid from schools party and i didnt even really kno him and like yeah and me and my friends felt really stupid cause we thought that like trinity people would be there we thought wrong yeah so then like we walked to this park with these people we didnt kno and like we went on the swings and we were talkin bout how we didnt wanna be there and stuff and then like the police come drivin in the park and they had like a big microphone and they were like all right parties over and like it was so funny and like for some reason we all started runnin and it was really funny wow it was hysterical lol then like the kid that was havin the party told everyon to go in his backyard and like me meg tina kat and sar basically just stood there in a corner and we talked bout how we wanted to leave and stuff lol yeah so then like we just kinda like left and we were walkin aimlessly around fuckin merrick not even knowin where we were so yeah then we like made it to a 7 eleven and like we were sittin outside on the ground just liek talkin waitin for my dad to come get us lol then like these hott guys were talkin to us like from their car it was so funny cause they were like asses but they were hot lol yeah then this mexican guy came over to us outta his car and we were tryin to speak to him in spanish and stuff and it was really funny cause he was lyin and he told us he was a cop lol and then the hott guys came back and the mexican told them to leave and then like my friends all ran away cause they were scared of the mexican and then like meg lost her thingie i was lookin for it with her and then this women who was walkin passed us farted like soooooooooooo loud thinkin we wouldnt hear her it was like so hysterical i was like pissin myself and then my friends came back and then the hott guys came back and then this like white trash women came outta 7 eleven and she was yellin at the scary spanish guy cause he called her baby and then like everyone in the parkin lot were all like yellin at the mexican guy as he drove away and then he hit into this girls car n then my dad came to get us and this all happened within like 2 minutes tonight was pretty funny in the end lol so yeah im tired after that whole adventure so im gunna go to sleep laters

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