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c* a* r* o* l* :] (simple_things) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 11:15:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    sryy geena i was bored so i took your quiz thingie sorryy i love youu!!
    **********YOU YOU YOU**********
    001. what is your full name: Caroline Margaret Marie Ida
    002. nicknames: carol,carols,liney
    003. age: 14
    004. sex: female
    005. social security: no
    006. where do you live: levittown, new york
    007. what school do you attend: holy trinity
    008. siblings and their ages: Meghan-16,Patrick-6
    009. pets: alergic :[
    010. zodiac sign: sagittarius woo
    011. righty or lefty: righty
    **********YOUR LOOKS**********
    012. hair color: brown
    013. eye color: green
    014. height: 5' ft im pretty short
    015. do you wear contacts or glasses: neither
    016. do you have any piercings: ears pierced
    017. where do you want more, if you do, where: the cardilage on my left ear pierced
    018. do you have a tattoo: nope
    019. if so what and where: dont got one maybe i'll get a little heart on my ankle ;]
    020. do you wear any rings: sometimes
    021. do you have a certain fashion you follow: nah i wear whatever fits lol
    022. how are you today: bored and its soo nice outt
    023. what pants are you wearing right now: well im wearin my aloha short shorts
    024. what shirt are you wearing right now: tank top
    025. what underwear are you wearing right now: do ya reallly wanna kno....GRANNY PANNIES! hahaha
    026. what does your hair look like at the moment: sloppy,just woke up buddy
    027. what song are you listening to right now: free-faith hill babyy
    028. what was the last thing you ate: ice pop! its summer thats all i eatt
    029. how is the weather right now: hott
    030. last person you talked to on the phone: an operator guy askin for my pops he sounded really fat cause he was like chokin on food lol
    031. last dream you can remember: hmm well we all went to splish splash again and i fell on my ass and made everyone laugh lol i think it was tryin to tell me imma clutz lol
    032. who are you talking to right now: joe alma lol woo
    033. what time is it: 11:31 AM

    **********MORE ABOUT YOU**********
    034. what are the last four digits of your phone number: how comie?
    035. if you were a crayon, what color would you want to be: hmmm i guess tickle me pink :]
    036. have you ever almost died: um well i think everytime i get in the car with my dad im puttin my life into danger lol so yeah probably
    037. do you like the person that sent you this: yesss but technically i took it from geebaby but i love youu alllottt
    038. how do you eat an oreo: take it apart and lick it cleann!
    039. what makes you happy: bein w/ my crazie ass family n chillin with my friends
    040. what's the next cd you are going to buy: hmm well i just bought the wizard of oz soundtrack so i think im set
    041. what religion/denomination are you: catholic
    042. what's the best advice ever given to you: that the worst thing to do in life is to feel sorry for yourself
    043. have you ever won any special awards: i won best costume at the halloween dance lol spongebob baby!! does that count?
    044. what are your future goals: i wanna be a chef and own my own restaurant in the city and name it Caroline in the City....if you remeber that show you'll get it lol
    045. do you like to dance: yesssiee
    046. worst sickness you ever had: i dont member
    047. what's the stupidest thing you ever done: i've done alotta stupid things so far in life lol i dont really remember
    048. what's your favorite memory: when i was little and i went to disney world with my mom dad and sister :]
    049. if you could change 1 thing bout yourself what would it be: my ears
    050. where do you shop the most: I dunno I shop everywhere, a lot.
    051. how many kids do you want to have and do you have their names picked out yet: hmm like 3 and not all of them lol
    052. son's name: James Thomas
    053. daughter's name: Emily Elizabeth
    054. do you do drugs: uh a no way no how see ya...its from houseguest lol
    055. what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use: lol baby shampoo my hairs realllly thin lol
    056. what sport do you hate the most: umm well if you mean like when you have to play then baseball lol but i loveee to watch YanKeESS!!
    057. what are you most scared of: bein home alone at night
    058. how many tv's do you have in your house: 2
    059. do you have your own: nope :[ i kno i kno im deprived
    060. phone line:celly phone, does that count?
    061. do you sleep with stuffed animals: my bunny hey hey no makin fun i've had it since forever
    062. have you ever broken/sprained/fractered a bone: sprained ankle a few times lol
    063. who do you dream about: i dont wanna say...;]
    064. who do you tell your dreams to: i guess anyone who wants to listen lol whenever i remember them which is like never lol
    065. who's the loudest friend you have: lol we're all pretty loud
    066. is cheerleading a sport: i think so
    067. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop: i take my time
    068. which came first, the chicken or the egg: def the chicken

    **********YOU AND LOVE**********
    069. do you believe in love: yes.
    070. do you have a boyfriend: be quiet
    071. do you have a secret crush: lol secret crush o0o0o that sounded funny to me sry lol but yes who doesnt lol
    072. who is your crush: everyone prob. knows so why tell lol
    073. did you send this to your crush: nope lol
    074. do you believe in love at first sight: sometimes
    075. where would you like to go on your honeymoon: hmm hawii yeah i kno your prob. like typical but i've never been lol
    076. what song do you want played at your wedding: hmm well right now i guess a mariah carey song lol but if faith makes anythin like really good by then i'll pick her lol
    077. what's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: eyes
    078. longest crush: 2 years im pathetic
    079. who do you want to spend the rest of your life with: well considerin that im only 14 i guess i'll go with spongebob
    080. do you find yourself attractive: not really
    081. do you find yourself ugly: well i mean not hideous lol but c'mon what girl doesnt think their ugly lol
    082. do others find you attractive: i dont believe so
    083. are you a virgin: yup

    **********ON GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT**********
    084. boxers or briefs: boxers
    085. curly or straight hair: doesnt matter to me
    086. tall or short: ahh tall lol i love that but i'm pretty short lol so not like too tall lol
    087. six pack or muscular arms: hmmie i guess both
    088. good or bad guys: well not a goodie goodie lol def more bad
    089. hat or no hat: hats are good
    090. ears pierced or not: pierced
    091. tan or no tan: tan <3
    092. dimples or not: dimples aww their so cute
    093. stubble or neatly shaven: shaved lol
    094. rugged or sporty: hmm i guess rugged
    095. studly or cutie: cutie.
    096. accent or not: no accent unless its an irish one i loveee irish accents
    097. glasses: nah
    098. smart or dumb: smart def
    099. what sport should he play: lol whatever he wants
    100. dependent (whipped) or independent: independent

    **********THIS OR THAT**********
    125. lights on/off: off.
    126. sun or rain: sun but i lovee the rain
    127. mickey d's(mcdonalds) or bk(burger king): mickey d's!! lol
    128. do you like scary or happy movies better: hmm well i loveee scary movies and happy ones lol
    129. backstreet boys or nsync: NSYNC defff ya cant hide whatcha love lol
    130. on the phone or in person: in person
    131. paper or plastic: plastic
    132. sausage or pepperoni: pepperoni
    133. summer or winter: summer
    134. hugs or kisses: kisses
    135. chocolate or white milk: chocolate milk def
    136. glass half full or half empty: half full.
    137. cd or tape: cd.
    138. tape or dvd: dvd.
    139. cats or dogs: dogs
    140. mud or jell-o wrestling: i dont care
    141. vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
    142. skiing or boarding: i havent done either but i wanna learn to snow board
    143. day or night: night.
    144. cake or pie: cake.
    145. diamond or pearl: diamond<3
    146. sunset or sunrise: sunset :]

    **********YOUR FAVORITES**********
    147. color: pink
    148. food: french fries
    149. fast food: wendyss
    150. candy: butter fingers
    151. beverage: hawian punch
    152. ice cream flavor: strawberry
    153. sport: i guess volley ball
    154. animal: elephant
    155. fave type of music: doesnt matter
    156. radio station; z 100
    157. band:
    158. fav. actor or actress: heath ledger
    159. day of the year: november 23
    160. sound: singing
    161. movie: wow toooo many but for now i guess tommyboy,billy madison,liar liar,ace ventura 1and 2
    162. store: holister
    163. scent: warm vanilla sugar
    164. teacher: aww yeah im gunna go with mrs. reilly too i love that lady lol
    **********HAVE YOU EVER**********
    165. loved someone so much it made you cry: yes.
    166. drank: yes.
    167. ever gotten dumped: nope
    168. broke the law: not sure
    169. ran from the cops: nope
    170. stole something: dont member
    171. tried to kill yourself: no
    172. made yourself throw up: eww yuck noo i hateeee throwin up
    173. made yourself cry to get your way: nah

    **********ON A FINAL NOTE**********
    174. do you like filling these out: if im bored
    175. how many people are you sending this to: nada
    176. do you want your friends to write back: no
    177. who is least likely to respond: everyone.
    178. who is most likely to respond: no one.
    179. any other comments: the world is your oyster.

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