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simonides314 (simonides314) wrote,
@ 2011-11-08 15:20:00
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    Current mood:depressed

    Center for mental health program pairs peers to mentor each other

    As Susan Smith labored through an 80-hour course and test to become a certified peer support specialist with all the Center for Mental Health, she kept a very important factor in mind: helping others.

    "(The class) helped me see myself better and yes it made me wish to help others," Smith said. buy sildenafil online no prescriptions "I was very motivated. "

    For 5 years, the middle for Mental Health has become charge agency in Montana to take on the Peer Support program, which pairs those people who are recuperating from a mental illness with others who are experiencing mental illness to offer support and guidance toward recovery.

    On Monday, the very center for Mental Health celebrated the graduation of six new Peer Support specialists who completed the peer employment training.

    "It's so neat to view you are taking this product, pass those tests are available to graduation today," said Peer Support Program Director Rosalie Hollimon. "This is simply a lot more tools with your toolbox. "

    Peer Support specialists are folks who suffer from previously been clinically determined to have some kind of mental illness and go through training to become support specialists who help others that are connecting through a mental health crisis.

    Once students complete the course and properly pass the test, they are permitted be hired as specialists. over the counter antibiotics site The peer specialists are paid through Medicaid funding how the Center for Mental Health receives. They work on an on-call basis, as well as attending weekly meetings, based on Shirley Cayko, community support program director.

    Montana is one of 20 states around the country to possess adopted this kind of mental health service, as outlined by Heidi Gibson with all the Center for Mental Health Foundation. Research on leads to other states proved the model effective.

    Cayko said a peer specialist may be somebody that is diagnosed as bipolar who perform having a one who has schizophrenia.

    "Peers can share a typical feeling of experience," Cayko said. "The players might be different, but emotions are the same. Each time a peer specialist says 'I see you're suffering, It hurts,' for whatever reason that can help your lover have an overabundance of rely upon the peer. "

    James Gustafson, head in the peer employment exercise program, reminded the six graduates on Monday until this training was also portion of their recovery, too.

    "We would be the evidence that recovery is achievable," he explained. "You is a living instance of recovery. "

    Newly-graduated peer Scott Hunter compared his training to as being a flame "turned right into a campfire," in order to burn brighter.

    "I look ahead to helping others," he explained.


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