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Paul (simiansmith) wrote,
@ 2004-01-02 15:30:00
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    pity the struggling artist
    Just read a blog from someone saying how good the Jools Holland New year thing was. Bollocks. It was a load of shite. I'm not going to back that up with arguments and observations, but I will say that the ever youthful Lulu does infact look like her plastic face has been too close to the fire. She scares me.
    Washing up's done, house is pretty tidy and I got up reasonably early, did a few sit ups and stuff and had a shower. I'm atempting to draw a comic that is bringing me no enjoyment but still has to be done - the fact that I wrote does not help at all, it crap. What a mistake, I came up with a character I quite liked, put him in a situation I thought was interested and the strip started appearing in a friend's comic; sometime during drawing the second part I completely lost interest with what was essentially a one joke idea and held no personal expression for me whatsoever. Oops. Now I'm struggling with the third part, don't know what else to write, seeing as I had the bright idea of making it up as I went along because I thought it would be interesting, exciting and keep the whole thing fresh. The strips already been absent from the comic for the last 2 issues and after the next issue my friend is putting the comic on hold whilst he does other things. Like I said, I'm struggling, what had started out as a funny silly thing has become a bit of a grind, it's not going to completed in it's current venue and I've got other things I should be doing. To add to this it's already been announced that the strip will appear in the upcoming comic. This is not how I wanted to start the new year, except, it's only a continuation of the last year so you still have to deal with the bad decisions the last year you made. Last year me was a wanker and this year me doesn't want to have much to do with him. Obviously the only thing to do is to soldier on with the comic strip and see how it goes. Once I've got my old obligations out of the way I'm going to think very carefully before aquiring new ones.

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