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~**La Vida Fantastica**~ (sillysarnsy) wrote,
@ 2005-02-14 16:57:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:i'll be by ed mccain

    ~**Dia de Amor**~
    happy valentine's day to one and to all! so my day was automatically going to be good because we had no school. i rolled out of bed at around 11:30 (best way to do it folks!) and i went down to take my a.m. meds and on the medicine cabinet there was a valentine from my mom hanging and at the end it was like "i would love to take you to lunch" awww! my mom is the best out there..can't find anyone better. so i got ready and my mom picked me up and we went out to panera (delicious) and then shopping. even though i didn't buy anything, i still had the most amazing time with my mom. but then at the store, she was like "go pick out a new lipgloss" so i went and i had it narrowed down to two choices and i was so stumped so i brought them to her and was like "which one would be better?" instead of choosing, she was like "honey, its valentine's day...get them both" oh my goodness..i love you mom! <3 then we came home and picked up my little brother. i left to go to the store and i got my mom and dad a card and balloon that says I LOVE YOU and i got my valentine a white teddy bear and silly card. teddy bear you ask? yea i know but it has a hidden innuendo because the brand of the teddy is one of our inside jokes, so it was suitable. i felt bad because the lady in the store was being really rude to the employee, she was like speaking spanglish to her and then to me and the other person in line she was like "oh gosh she can't understand a word i am saying" when the lady obviously did. she just turned red and my heart went out to her. then i went to look for turnabout shoes. no luck. im just gonna wear flip-flops. there's no point in wearing heels when you are my height. after the mall, i went to wendy's to drop off the cupcakes i had made. and i got jackie hair rubberbands because the other day when i needed one she totally gave me hers and i felt bad just taking it. everyone loved the cupcakes and i got lots of hugs and a paycheck too! but my valentine was not there :( but we work a night shift together tomorrow so double snaps! i so wanted to just go to his house but then i was like "nah, that's weirdish". so after i hung out at work for a little bit i went and rented the notebook because the whole world has seen it but not me, so i figured what better way to spend valentine's day? and i got little black book too. then i dropped a valentine by at nell and carol's house. on my driveway i saw deer and i remember my amazing big sister telling me that deer are a sign of patience. so i turned off the radio and heater and just sat and watched them and talked to them through my car window. im a dork i know. and after getting home a second time, my mom had a valentine for me and also a gift card to dunkin donuts because we always go there for mochas and lattes. she is the greatest. jean is the greatest. my family is the greatest. love is the greatest. life is the greatest. singing is the greatest. friends are the greatest. dancing is the greatest. america is the greatest. ok, im done. sorry. i heart you are gorgeous.
    "ill be your crying shoulder. i'll be love's suicide. i'll be battered when im older. i'll be the greatest fan of your life"

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