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slacker.bitch (silentxrequiem) wrote,
@ 2003-09-09 21:49:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:placebo- english summer rain

    english summer rain seems to last for ages.
    A - Age: almost 17
    B - Best Quality: i'm incredibly sarcastic
    C - Choice Of Meat: soymeattt
    D - Dream Date (Celebrity): julia stiles
    E - Ex (most recent): gerrad.
    F - Favorite Food: well other than human flesh, i do enjoy ravioli...or taco bell :]
    G - Greatest Accomplishment: eh, becoming a vegetarian...
    H - Happiest Day of Your Life: i'm not quite sure that it's come yet
    I - Internal conflicts: body image, panic.
    J - Job: kennel assistant at woodbridge animal hospital...WOO!
    K - Kool-Aid: none.
    L - Love: rachellll and torby :]
    M - Most Valued Thing I Own: my pets car. IT'S FIXABLE!
    N - Name: brenna christine haraldsen
    O - Outfit You Love: my pepe la peau sleep pants and a t-shirt
    P - Pizza Toppings: veggies
    Q - Question you want to ask: why do i have "hand 1+1" and "hand 2-1" written on my hands right now?
    R - Reading: many, many things. right now i'm focusing on my monologue book so i can try out for the school play.
    S - Sport To Watch: ick.
    T - Television Show: old school...X-Files
    U - Unique talent: i really can lick my elbow!
    V - Volcanoes-cool or scary: that's pretty random. i'd say just plain annoying.
    W - Winter: my favourite season
    X - X-rays you have had: i can't count how many i've had.
    Y - Yesterday's best meal: taco bell!
    Z - Zodiac Sign: saggitarius

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