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You're sooooo.......last summer* (silentxcries) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 15:20:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:"I'll Never Leave" - R Kelly ahh..memories =]

    Survey Tyme
    -Name: Dominica

    -Nickname(s): minica, minnie, d, dommy

    -pets: n0ne

    -Birthday: september 18th

    -Time of birth: 4:oo pm

    -Zodiac sign: virgo

    -Age: 14

    -Height: 5'6" ((im short))

    -Eye color: blue

    -Hair color: lite brown

    -Current residence: burlington city, new jersey

    -Where were you born?: i forget...

    -Where did you grow up?: mt. laurel and then moved herre ((burlington city)) then i shall move again to delran =[

    -Email address:

    -AOL screenname: beautifulx xmess

    -Yahoo screenname: dun have it

    -Homepages: just mi journal

    -Computer(s): wun

    -School: HCHS

    -Grade: frosh

    -What kind of student are you?: a's - b's - c's

    -What do you want to be?: actress

    -Fears: death

    -Medical issues: n0ne

    -Where do you work?: no where yet

    -What do you want to be in the future?: didnt i say it already?!


    -Book: eww n0ne

    -Relative: umm..Michelle and Ann Marie

    -College: NYU

    -Stores: USA blues, Hot Topic, PacSun, Vans, and sum of Against All Odds

    -Kind of chainletters: n0ne

    -Poems: n0ne

    -News channel: six i guess

    -Five girl names: bionca, keria, corrine, jennifer..thats all

    -Five boy names: brad, justin, nick..cant thynk

    -Top 5 Actresses you like: jennifer lopez, jennifer aniston...?

    -Top 5 actors you like: orlando bloom ((yummie)) josh hartnett, paul walker, umm..i dun kno

    -Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, 1o Things I Hate About You, Angel Eyes, Faculty, Cruel Intensions, Fast and the Furious..sum othas too

    -Musical: havent seen any

    -Website: all different wuns

    -Vegetable: i dun kno

    -Meal: nething Italian basically

    -Soda: Wild Cherry Pepsi

    -Drink in general: usually water

    -Cheese: the white stuff

    -Fast Food Place: taco bell

    -What do you get there: uhh.. tacos

    -Eat-in: yeah

    -What do you get there: food

    -Snack to munch on: oreos

    -Kind of pizza: extra cheese

    -Ice cream: TCBY's cotton candy, hehe

    -Bread: white

    -Cereal: i dun eat cereal

    -Holiday: birthday & christmas

    -Sport to play: field h0ckey n bball

    -Thing to do in winter: sleep

    -Thing to do in summer: hang wif friends, chill, get a tan

    -Thing to do on weekends: go out and have fun

    -Vacation spot: florida, disney, the beach

    -Dream vacation spot: italy

    -Thing to do on a rainy day: sleep, computer, fone, movies

    -Thing to do on a sunny day: go out ; beach

    -Color: black, blue, red, babi blue

    -Gum: juicy fruit but mainly ne kind

    -Pair of shoes: whateva i wear

    -Stuffed Animal: mi eeyore =]

    -Piece of furniture in your room: bed

    -Place in your house: mi room

    -Place to be alone: mi room

    -Kind of house: old n dull

    -Place to live: herre..but i must move =[

    -Place to work: nothing yet

    -Kind of occupation: n0ne..well i babysit sumtimes

    -Family member: mi cuz

    -Alcoholic beverage: nething is good fa me =] all alcohol is good!

    -Kind of cigarettes: n0ne

    -Party you've ever been to: dun kno

    -Teacher: i neva liked teachers -- does mi mom count?

    -Grade: 9th


    -Have you ever done drugs?: n0pe

    -If so, what is your favorite?

    -Have you ever had sex?: nah

    -Are you straight, gay, or bi?: str8

    -Have you ever passed out or thrown up from drinking too much?: nope

    -What’s your favorite bar?: to young

    -Did you go to prom in high school?: im a freshman

    -How many continents have you been to?: wun

    -How many countries have you been to?: wun

    -What color are the socks you’re wearing right now?: no socks in summer

    -Underwear?: black

    -What was your last vacation?: umm washington dc

    -Do you have any future vacations coming up?: yea im going to wildwood to see mi moms friend and her daugther tha i hang wif

    -Do you have any tattoos?: i wish

    -Do you have anything pierced besides your ears?: soon ill have mi belly button

    -Have you ever had a one-night stand?: umm im 14

    -Do you own a car?: nope =[

    -What is the make and model?: no

    -What is your dream car?: the car from 2 fast 2 furious..the blue wun

    do you have long fingernails?: kinda

    -Do you paint them?: yea - dark colors

    -What about your toes?: yea

    -Do you believe in God?: sure

    -What is your religious belief?: uh catholic

    -Did OJ do it?: of course he did

    -Do you use Napster?: nah sumtimes i use kazaa

    -What are some of your pet peeves?: biting nails, guys who onlii think of themselves

    -What are some of your phobias?: mental instution people =\ seriously not a joke!

    -What is your major in college (if you’re in college): 9th grade

    -How much money do you make each year?: money frum xmas and otha holidays

    -Do you want children in the future?: yea lyke 2

    -Do you want to get married?: yes

    -How many fillings/cavities do you have?: onlii wun

    -How many people have you had sex with?: i aint a whore.

    -Guys or girls?: guys

    -Have you ever kissed anyone of the same sex?: no way

    -Did you like it?: never done it

    -Do you underwear and bras match?: yeah

    -Do you carry a purse?: sumtimes..usually tho

    -how do you eat reeces pecies buttercups: i dun lyke em

    -Are you right or left handed?: right

    -What is under your bed?: junk

    -What posters do you have on your walls?: good charlotte, sum otha bands and orlando bloom =]

    -What kind of housing are you in?: boring

    -Have you ever been hospitalized?: nope

    -Have you ever had surgery?: nope

    -Have you ever broken a bone?: nope

    -Have you ever had stitches?: nope but i wuz suppose i got a scar

    -What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?: no wheres

    *This or That*

    -Peanut butter or jelly: peaunt butter

    -Coke or Pepsi: pepsi

    -Drive or walk: drive

    -Traveler or homebody: traveler

    -Skydiving or bungee-jumping: bungee jumping

    -Real World or Road Rules: real world

    -MTV or Comedy Central: mtv

    -Ice or roller skating: roller skating

    -Nike or Adidas: adidas

    -Purse or wallet: purse

    -Dark hair or light: dark

    -Chocolate milk or regular milk: i dun lyke milk

    -Tall or short: tall

    -Tan or fair skinned: tan

    -Blue eyes or brown eyes: brown eyes

    -Ketchup or mustard: ketchup

    -Books or movies: movies

    -Comedy or horror: horror

    -Bath or shower: shower

    -Lights on or off during a movie: off

    -Theater or video: theater

    -Red or blue: blue

    -Gold or silver: silver

    -Top or bottom: bottom

    -Morning or night: night

    -Black or white: black

    -Glass half full or half empty:half empty

    -Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

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