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You're sooooo.......last summer* (silentxcries) wrote,
@ 2003-07-09 20:40:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:none

    home again
    Well...we just got bac from spending overnite down Seaside Heights. It was pretty funn down there..when we got there we went down to the beach and hung out to get a tan for couple hours and then got readi and went to the boardwalk til 10:30 ((lots of hott bois out there too)) but when we got home we needed ice for the cooler so we all had to take trips down cause ur not suppose to fill up coolers of ice and the ice thing was in the main when i went down mi cuz went wit me too and when the elevator doors open it was pitch dark..we thought it was kinda weird for it to be closed like tha and then the manager came around the corner with a huge flashlite tha u would use nite we went along to get the ice...then when mi mom came up she told me the guy said he was checkin out his new "toy" ((note: the manager is 35-40 yrs. old)) so we start joking around sayin it seemed like the movie Physco at the Baits Motel..i mean the rooms were weird enough too and the guy woah he seemed just like the guy IN the i kinda scared mi cuz wit tha story and he cried himself to sleep, lol..hes a babi ((hes 10, okay?!)) next day ((which is today)) we went bac down to the beach and chilled there for awhile and came bac here...nothing exciting going on...well rite l8er i wrote TOO much..bye

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