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silent one (silentone021) wrote,
@ 2003-06-22 21:00:00
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    Current mood: hyper

    Wow! i cant believe schools over already. Kristine's graduation party was today. And im goin to miss all of the seniors. :-( Its not fair they cant leave. At the party jason and Doug were talking about all the falls they have had douring drumline practice, doug was saying that his sophmore year that they set their coats on the front sideline and for some weird reason he got his foot stuck on one of the coats and then he was marching backwards to the sideline and it was really muddy out and he slipped and was spraled there like and his drum hit him in the face and Joe pulled him off the feild and him and Brian Killian were like are you ok and he was like yeah, so they shoved him right back out on the feild. haha. Jason was recalling all of the falls we had in indoor i think Joshes was the best, he triped over a box going back and his drum rolled over him. Jasons fall just makes him look like an idiot because he fel running back to one of the sets. i fell like five -six times last season. HA! Im an idiot. oh this one time Billy Bacon body checked me going to his set. That was fun.
    Oh no we have practice tomorrow. UGH! They're gonna do the dubious awards finally but hey Mr Lehman is gonna be like 'Dubious awards, what are they! We have practice.' Hey he works us harder than the rest of the band, but thats why were so good. We're not gonna have a pit for outdoor b/c i want to do bass and so does Sterner but we all know im not gonna make it so... At the party Jason was like if your both in the pit again we'll have two returnig pit members, but which one of u will be section leader. I guess we wont kave a pit section leader. i really dont want to be i n pit again. i want to do bass, and ive gotten alot better since last year. The other day Michael got his wisdom teeth pulled and he is on alot of pain killers and he was kind of out of it today. He was saying today that its hard to take a piss, and Tom was like yeah i know what u mean b/c you get to tired to stand and then u sit down and you fall asleep. Haha!
    Oh no! Simon is leaving soon. Danish people RULE! Hes going back to Denmark!
    ewwww those Axe commercials are sooo dumb!
    im soooo Hyper right now i need to run around.

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