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silent one (silentone021) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 18:06:00
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    Current mood: accomplished

    Laura's party it was sooo great. Steve C was there and he was makin fun of me because im on his old drum (yeah i made bass, but im on forth and its soo huge) At the party tom wanted me to go swimming and said he wasnt going unless i went, and i said i wasnt going unless he was soo we were stuck i this big circle where no one was gonna go swimming sooo Steve and Tom picked me up and threw me in the pool with all my clothes on. When we were in the pool Reyolds kept slapping my ass and one time he hit the water and hurt his hand then steve picked me up, put me over his shoulder, and let Reynolds slap my ass all he wanted. It hurt but it was soo funny. Earlier hen we were talkin Steve was sayin that Becca is hott from the neck down and she should put a paper bag over her head. it was mean but it was soo funny the way he said it.
    Practice on Thursday was tryouts for drumline and i made it! Yeah!!! It was sooo intense all we did the whole time was play eight on a hand and different versions of it, it was so hott out side my shirt was soaked it was nasty but hey im a BEAST and i can do it! After practice we were going for ice cream an Michael was giving me a ride and he told me he didnt like driving aloneand the he was like b/c when i whack off... and i was like omg michael! i dont want to hear bout that, but it was soo funny. Then at the ice cream place Michael and Jon were having this big discussion bout how Atlantis sunk because thats what our show is about and Jon was like 'did u you ever see that episode of South Park with the underpants gnomes' and then he was like 'i think the underpants gnomes stole it!'
    Yeah me and Tom are going to see Finding Nemo this week, i cant wait, i want to see it NOW! We are planning to go to the shore sometime but we havent set a date yet and some other people were gonna come up later in the day and we were gonna stay overnight.
    Yeah no practice until the 9th wait nooooooooo Pirate Of the Carribean comes out that day. I guess ill have to go eariler in the day to go see it. I cant wait its gonna be soo great. im gonna see it like 10 times. Yeah!
    Me, Amanda Sarah and Becca went to see Charlie's Angels yesterday it was pretty funny, but the fight scenes were pretty lame, but it was good any way.
    You know what i could go for, a nice thunder storm! I love thunder storms, I could Sit out on my porch and watch it rain for hours, but thunder storms dont last that long they're over in like half an hour.
    Poor Steve, hes going to join the Air Force and dosent know when he'll be comin backhes the funniest guy to talk to. He was sayin how he saw his friend that he hadent seen in a while and she was seven months pregnent and he was like who is the father because he wasnt sure if he was or not, but hes not, then he said that she said they should hav lunch sometime and he told us he didnt want people to think he was the father of the baby and he was like hiding his face pretending he was talkin to her and was like 'soo how ya been, yeah im good.' Ha it was soo funny.
    Im so happy i made bass! YAY!!! Yay for me!

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