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silent one (silentone021) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 15:41:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:LP

    Man i really need a tan! its not fair! Tom always makes fun of me because im pale but im workin on my tan soo...he an be quiet.
    what losers! we went swimmin and then came up to our house and anamda and shannon r playin PS2and chris is complaining bout the music that were listening to. ha, hes not gonna get his way, our house our rules and music stations.
    tried to give u warning
    but everyone ignores me
    told u everything loud and clear
    but nobodys listining
    called to u so clearly
    but u dont want to hear me
    toldu everyhting loud and clear
    but nobodys listening
    i love that song. its really good, it has a japanese flute in it and it just adds so much to it. its really great!
    My favorite comedian is Bob Marley hes soo great he did this one skit on comedy central and he says something like "My friends rented a cabin and we went cliff diving and my friend says 'dude jumpout far' 'why?' 'because if u dont your gonna become part of the rocks, and make sure to point ur self like an arrow before u hit the water, because tghe wateracts like cement' now, do i look remotly coordinated to any of u people. So i start running and i jump and my ass is bouncing off the rocks and my friend yells 'point or self in the arrow configuration' i couldnt seem o make it into the arrow configuration but half way down i ended up sporting the lazyboy reclining postion. Now this is not the position ui want to be in, soo just befor i hit the water everyone on the boat yells 'NOOOO!'. No? Do i have options at this point? So i hit the water, i have no idea where my bathing suit is and my ass is glowing. And my friend comes up to me and says 'Dude that was funny, dude, what do u want to do now? wheres ur bathing suit dude? i dont know u might wanna check my small intestine, i sprained my ass, i didnt even know that was possible. I think i need some medical attention, or at least need to go down to the hardware store and get some putty to seal up this new ass crack i got goin here." HAHA hes so halarious!

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