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Taylor (silencedgraves) wrote,
@ 2003-10-16 22:19:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:The Postal Service

    2 kitchens done in 1 place of good looking clothes for only 30 bucks.
    Tonight i cleaned my kitchen and organized the pantry. i feel proud and good
    i wanna rub my face all over the counter cuz its nice and cool and soft. but it will just get all greasy from my face. ew. the whole time i listened to the thursday CD like 3 times and once to the Mars Volta Cd. it was incredible.

    i bought Gap pants for fucking 30 dollars! there sooo fucking comfortable and good feeling. and originally there 58 but no! i got the for fucking 30!!!!!!!
    i saw this jean jacket at Levi's and my mom said she was gonna get it for me. well not really she just said, maybe santa will bring it. and i like it, but then again i don't. so i don't know. i really want a brown jacket of some sort, like my blue one except brown and i dont know, kinda small but not tight. i like the clothes my girlfriend nicole wears, there really cool. specially this one shirt, i told her to wear it to the movies but she didnt like long sleeved shirts, but i like that one a lot, and her decaperacidos, they look really good on her, deathly good.

    this saturday is our show. im excited. i might sound dumb but im excited. we are going on at 9:30, make sure you go. We will have a new bass player that night. well temperary bass player. his name is aaron, he is good. he's an awesome guy.

    we are doing a battle of the bands and we have to turn in our CD by November 1st. The winner gets $300 and 2 days of studio time. I hope we win, that would be really cool.

    today me and nicole went to the mall and to super salads, souper salads?? sp? but it was good, the bread was sooo good. it was really enchanting, but not as enchanting as nicole.

    I love playing shows i dont know why, i just do its a rush. dont think im dumb. and i love looking at nicole while im playing shows. i mean fuck the 2 things i love most in one place. that's just incredible.

    The new DCFC CD is out i think, i want to buy it. i bet Stinkweeds will have it. its soo cool there. its nice and small, i wanna work there.

    well anyways im gonna go, thanks for reading.

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