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i saw the sky in you, what did you see in me? (siamesecities) wrote,
@ 2006-11-04 19:59:00
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    Current music:untitled III - calexico

    oh god
    james james james james james james it is amazing how everything with him falls into place and being around him is perfect and he loves me and i love him and i am the luckiest girl on the planet no in the universe and all i want is his hands and his lips and the freckle under his eye and his hair and his nose and his neck and his back and i have never had such a good thing. i like the backseat of his car in his arms with the shuffle on and the long winters coming on every third song and him kissing me and kissing my tears and crying because i'm so overwhelmed by how such a good thing could exist in this world and how it could have found little old me and he fills me up inside and now that i know james all that i want is j a m e s and to hold onto him and to wake up in his arms and to go more places with him like the beach at low tide and the overpass overlooking the highways feeling like royalty places like the top of a mountain and ice skating all over new england because this is our world and that song is so so so true this is the first day of my life i'm glad i didn't die before i met you now i don't care i could go anywhere with you and i'd probably be happy so if you want to be with me with these things there's no telling we'll just have to wait and see but i'd rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery oh james you've got me more than you realize.

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