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Martin Walker (siamcanadia) wrote,
@ 2012-03-25 19:20:00
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    Get Know Some Dangerous Under Sea Creatures
    Underwater creatures

    There are different kinds of creatures found in the sea other than fishes; some of the most common and the dangerous type are the Squid and the giant octopus. The Squid is amoeba shaped under sea creature that has tentacles and suckers. They have a large mantle and large eyes. They are of two types the large Squid and the colossal squid. They are considered to be sharp suckers and are known as the largest invertebrate. The Squid and the giant octopus are usually found in the deep sea that is seven hundred to three thousand feet under the sea. Usually these species are found in the north Atlantic areas, southern Japan and in the northern pacific. Despite being dangerous sea creatures, humans have for years made delicious dishes out of them. There are a large number of recipes that are favored in many parts of the world.
    Facts of the Squid

    Squids are said to be aggressive hunters, they are active and intelligent. Even though both Squid and the giant octopus come from the same species, they differ from each other in characteristics and appearance. The giant squids are sometimes dangerous. They are basically known as great suckers. They use their tentacles for this purpose. With the help of the tentacles they cover the prey and suck them. When the squids are tried to be attacked, they conceals themselves into a Squid shape and jet away by turning pale. A liquid named INK comes out through their ink sac. The giant octopus is said to have smaller movements and it protects itself with help of its large number of hands.
    The food of the carnivorous under sea creatures

    The Squid and the giant octopus are mostly found deep inside the sea. They mostly feed on deep sea fishes like the hokie and the ruffle. Some giant squids and giant octopus feed on smaller squids. There are carnivorous and so they have a wide range of foods to choose from. Their movement is fast. Even though the octopuses are different when compared to the squid, the octopus has a huge body and eight or sixteen hands. It has complete control over all its tentacles and uses it to protect itself, to hunt and to feed. Octopuses breathe through its mantle.
    History of squid

    The movements of the giant octopus are slower when compared to that of the giant octopus. French fishermen were the first persons who found the giant Squid in the Canary Islands in the year 1961.The Squid caught was about 18.5 meter high. A giant Squid can feed on a baby whale. It has that kind of body. It is known to be the carnivorous murderous of the sea. The razor like teeth and the sharp tentacles are their weapons. They easily disguise themselves to get away from the attention of their enemies. When eggs are laid, the male squids are said to guard the female squids. The squids are considered to have the fastest movements. The travel at a speed of 15Kph.Their life span is five hundred years and their blood is iron based.

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