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Martin Walker (siamcanadia) wrote,
@ 2012-03-25 19:16:00
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    Delicious Freshwater Fishes to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

    The most commonly eaten fish in America

    Pangasius is a fish that is not native to America. However, it definitely is one of the most eaten fishes in the country. The fish belongs to the Basa family and is considered a part of catfish family although they are very different from catfishes. The fish is found naturally in Mekong River in Vietnam and pangasius farming is one of the fastest growing industries in Vietnam. Special breeding techniques are employed to make the fish healthy and tasty. One of the important factors in pangasius farming is to keep water flow continuous since the fish survives and grows best in flowing water. So, cages are specially built to accommodate this requirement. Most of the fish exported is in the form of processed fish fillets.
    Tips to keep in mind when cooking pangasius

    Pangasius is a fish that has very mild and light flavor. This is one of the major factors that needs to be kept in mind when you cook the dish. You should not season the fish with very strong flavors since it takes away the flavor of the fish. Strong ingredients such as garlic and onions should be used very carefully. According to expert chefs, one of the best ways of making pangasius is in the form of rolls. The major advantage is that unlike other fish varieties, the meat of this fish stays in shape even when you roll and fry. Before cooking, you should not defreeze pangasius fillets by heating them or putting them in microwave. The meat should be allowed to thaw on its own. This fish should not be sued in soups and stews because its flavor gets lost. They are best cooked by keeping them as the main ingredient of the dish.
    Cooking and frying pangasius

    These fishes cook very easily. So, when you fry the fish, wait till it is golden brown and take it off the heat. Baking takes less than half an house of you preheat the oven. Chefs suggest that a temperature of 400 °F is necessary for preheating in order to prepare a dish perfectly. A very important aspect is that after you take the fish off the heat, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before you serve the dish so that the flavors sin in and the meat is cool.
    Tilapia fishes

    Tilapia fishes are also some of the most popularly eaten fishes in the world. They are grown in fish tanks. Studies have shown that these fishes are the fifth largest grown fishes in fish farming industry. These fishes require warm water for their survival and hence, they are grown in temperate climates. These fishes come in a number of varieties. There are a large range of fishes to choose from if you are a fish lover. You can have your say and choose the one that tastes best to your palette. Fishes are the best form of meat as well because they are high in proteins and low in carbon dioxide and fats.

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