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Rio (shykittie) wrote,
@ 2002-11-19 18:12:00
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    alright, so my computer just up and decided not to work for
    awhile, thats ok, suuure, i don't mind, you deserved a
    break you little fucker. ANYWAYS. my play is going well,
    i'm going to competition with it this saturday. you wanna
    know what? FUCK those fucking nazis!!!
    (sorry, in a cussy kinda mood) jesus christ, only rich
    people live decently, whoever heard of charging people to
    get their sat scores before they come in the freaking
    mail??? I've waited and waited and waaaiiited, but no
    scores, so i decided to call or look them up online and
    it's a $13 charge AND you can ONLY pay with a credit card
    AND only a major fucking credit card those little bastards,
    i mean WTF???? why should i pay when i already paid $14 to
    take the godamned things, another $26 b/c of late
    registration because my guidance counselor decided to drop
    of the face of the earth the last week of registrations and
    then you have to pay extra to get them sent to more than 4
    BEFORE I'M 40??? ::Rio frantically runs around in circles,
    then decides to calm down and finish:: anyways, i disagree
    with that system. s000oooo000ooo000ooo0000ooo000ooo...get
    to share a bed with WHITTNEY in a hotel room if my play
    makes it to state...hows THAT for an inspiration to do your
    best?? lol...i always feel i should explain that, yes,
    indeed, i am a girl, just so they don't automatically
    assume i'm a guy. haha, i could be...BUTCH!!!
    muuuaaaahahahahahahahahaha...ha...heh...::clears throat
    uncomfortably:: i see...anyways, extremely hyper, whittney
    said i had a great ass, cloud 9 lol...oh, i forgot to
    mention she has a b/f...but she already kinda fools around
    on him, so screw it...i need ass!!! whats really great is
    that, aside fro sharing a bed, we'll get lots and lots of
    nicotine fixes that i can't get at home...moving into a
    dorm this august, going to be SOOO000OOO000OO fucking
    awesome, gonna party and drink every night, okie, shout
    outs: Marked_iron, petey333 and other people who i have in
    my list of friends but can't remember their names...oh,
    also jibzy...oh well, i'll remember eventually, don't take
    it personally, i'm a flake. lalala!!!! great mood!!! i have
    felt really ugly and unattractive lately, like, REALLY BAD,
    but then today i dresses in clothes unlike the really baggy
    shit i've been wearing b/c i felt fat and everyone
    (including whittney and bekah and brandon, drool to all 3)
    said "oh you look so sexy rio!!" and my butt was called
    great today....LA!! just ahd subway, it was
    wanna know whats really fun?? doing things that are really
    stupid like this: sooo0000ooo0000oooo0000oooo0000oooo000ooo
    that is so fucking awesome. HEY!!! very hyper, OMG, i am a
    sexy bitch today, lol. this 21 year old that is stalking
    me, not robbie, his name is brian southern, yeah, he keeps
    bugging me and thinking we have something because i kissed
    him when i was drunk and the 21 year old i like tried to
    convince me to become legally emancipated to come live with
    him and his friend josh practically humps my leg whenever i
    get into hump range and patrick my very good sweet buddy
    asked me out a lil while ago, but no complaints about him,
    he's great, OH! and i need many people i could
    get it from but i reject them all if their names aren't
    Robbie or Whittney, HA! shit man, if anyone i know ever saw
    this i'd seriously pee myself, ANYWAYS, g2g, LOVE YOU
    ALL!!! respond if i wasn't too boring, i love when people
    respond to me!!! i love friends!!!! esp. children of the
    night, what muuuusic they make (i love that movie). LOVE
    YA! BYE! ~RIO~

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