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shuijin0024 (shuijin0024) wrote,
@ 2012-02-13 08:49:00
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    When mentioning refurbished Apple computers
    When mentioning refurbished Apple computers, it's important to bring up what these computers actually are since most seem to have many false beliefs of their origin.Wholesale Mac Makup Eyeshadow HelloKitty Bright The fact is the majority of these computers are simply returns. They are not worn out used old computers. The unit could have been returned as someone didn't like the color, a cosmetic blemish or perhaps something didn't appear to be functioning correctly. It's not uncommon that people return computers when they've never turned them on due to having changed their mind on the system for whatever reason. The fact is, by law, companies cannot put these products back on the market as new so they are forced to sell them at a discount. With major leaps recently in testing and diagnostics the major aspect that makes Macs among the best desktop computer deals is that they come with the same warranty as a new Mac. Never before has Apple offered this and they are also offering now a 2 year extension on that warranty if you want to pay a little extra for it.Mac Makeup Wholesale Bags Leather With Orange The beauty is that it takes out all risk on the part of the consumer. mac makeupAnother point to take into consideration would be the fact that Macs are really the only computer that has resale value. This is because Macs have literally set the bar in regards to long term stability and longevity. Of course you as the consumer pays for this with a bit heftier of a price tag up front but the result is a real investment. Whereas PC computers typically have little or no resale value they've been labeled by many experts as "throw away" computers. They've been labeled as such due to the fact that Pc's don't usually last more than 3 to 5 years. Another great aspect if choosing an Apple refurbished laptop or desktop is that they tend to not be susceptible to virus infections that PC computers are. Typically most all viruses are geared for Windows based Pc systems so Macs tend to operate without virus issues. Obviously Mac viruses do exist however they are extremely rare.

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