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silvia (showchoirgirl) wrote,
@ 2004-03-08 12:00:00
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    Current mood: moody
    Current music:Bad Apples

    too much stuff 2 do;not enough time
    so much 2 do so little time. i mean life is not going to kill me h/w and school is. i feel overwhelmed with all the stuff i have to do.

    i dont no y but i was crying in class it was hella weird, i was hella cryin' i guess i was really upset bout sum' thin'.

    i feel really bad i think the hawk dude, nicolos, likes me and i did not no that until after break when jamie mentioned it, the reason i feel so bad is b/c tim asked him if he would ever ask me out and he said nothin'. so i decided to ask him myself but he avoided my question, but i kept asking saying " i hope u wouldn't b/c then i would have to say yes and not mean it" im serious that is what i said and now i feel like a hell of a jerk. but to tell u the truth i do kinda like him i mean he has the perfect personality. i do thing i hurt his feelings b/c ever since i said that he has been acting off. oh well. nicolos if u r reading this right now then u no how i really feel and im sorry.

    y does my life have to be so dramatic. it is driving me crazy. i mean may be im crazy and stupid. OMG i feel like im going to cry again. i hate crying though i do it at least once a day. well i have to go i have to see other journals. bye-bye

    silvia kat

    P.S. i still like derek though im still confused

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