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eric/spock/guido/buck'o five/giggles/baby boy/spoc (shouldabenahipe) wrote,
@ 2003-04-28 02:00:00
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    first enrty ever
    so..this is my first entry ever. first things first, i kind of fell like a dork using this, but then i realized, who gives a fuck?! second, i should probably tell u im not in a "perfect mindframe", just so u know. so my whole qeer idea for this thing was i was gonna put a quote of the day, a beautiful thought/picture of the day...going along with once a day photograpgh of somthing beautiful once a day...for those of u who know about it... anyway, that was my intentiopn for this but we shall see where it goes.

    Quote of the day: "not everything that's faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed that isnt faced"

    beautiful scene of the day: actually this was a few days ago, while driveing around with kendra. it was a nice day so we went for a ride . we were in a "more ghetto" part of livonia...i know i know, they dont really exisit..but anyway... we drove around looking at houses, and we passed an elementry school, and there was this biiig huge fence, and on the fence, there was little yellow ribbons spellign out the word PEACE. that was my beautiful site for the day.

    question of the day: why do fools fall in love

    thought of the day: this is really hard and i dont htink its going to work...grrr...we shall see

    color of the day: icy sky blue

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