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Sam (shortychick_06) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 20:22:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:When I'm with you-Simple Plan

    This Weekend
    Yeah, the last time that I wrote was Friday night b4 I made the pumpkin pie. So I make the pumpkin pie, i gots flour all over me an whatnot an then the phone rings an it's mikes cell. So I answer the phone an he's like I just wanted to talk, an I asked where he was an he was like I'm sitting in my car, an I'm like are you on the way down here? An he's like no, I'm in my driveway. An i was like oh, okay, so your just coming down tomorrow morning? An he's like yeah. An then I'm like so when do i get to see you an he's like around 6 an I wasl ike oaky, an then he goes... What would you do if you got to see me sooner/ An I was like I'd be happy. An he's like what would you say if I was in Whitewater, an I was like Are you?! An he's like... 13,932.. an I was like OMG your here! An he's like hehe yeah. So then I walked to the lake in my pajamas with my hair in a ponytail an flour on my sweatshirt. So I get there an I see him, an he looks SOO cute, he's wearing those cut off sweatpants an he's wearing a Ladysmith baseball cap to the side, an it's just SOO cute. So we drive to my house an then I told him that I made him pumpkin pie, but he wasn't hungry, then we went upstairs into my room*no one was home* an he was just looking around at all my pictures an stuff. An then he told me that he was really tired, so I had him lay on my bed an thenI had him get under the covers, an then I got under the covers an we layed there together for a while without saying anything. Then he held me an i was all warm an happy, an he was starting to close his eyes, cause he was so tired. So his eyes were closed, but I couldn't help but stare at him, he was so beautiful laying there, an then he opened his eyes an I was staring at him, an he was like what the hell?: ) an I was like I can't help it, I have to look at you an feel you to know that I'm not fucking dreaming an then he just smiled an held me tighter, so we layed in my bed for 2 hours cuddling. So he kept kina dosing off an i kept talking cause I was SOOO happy to see him, ant hen he goes " Girl is this gonna be how it is everynight when I get home from work an I'm all tired?" An of course I was all like arr, an my eyes got teary an I was like "Mhmm" an he's like "Good, i woudn't want it any other way babe." I was so awwed that he said that you knwo? It was like the damn, cutest thing ever: ) Hehe. So after we layed there fer so long, he was like I'm hungry, so he was like I want A&W an I was like but that's not open, an he's like well... what's open? An I was like Taco Bell an he goes Omg, taco bell's open? An I was like yeah. So we went to taco bell an he asked if I wanted anything an I said no, cause I wasn't very hungry, an then he orderd 8 softshell tacos an I was like whoa, you a lil hungry babe/ an He's like mhmm. So we get the tacos an we're driving back to my house an i open up a taco an I eat half of it, an he's like what the hell? you said you weren't hungry! An I was like yeah, I know: ) An he laughed an then he's lke you just want it cause it's mine, an i was like mhmm. haha. So then we get to my house, an I think that he's gonna come in or whatever an then he leans over to give me ak iss an I'm like nu uh. An he's like yeah, I have to get up early tomorrow for the badgers game. An I was like okay. An he was like I'll see you tomorrow babe. An I was like okay, promise? An he's like yeah, I pinky swear, so then he kissed me goodnight, an i went inside,a n made whippedcream for my pumpkin pie. So then the next day the badgers games over an he's still not at my house, an he hasn't called. So Amanda calls me to ttell me that they left right after the badger game cause they were getting a big snow storm today. So I cried an amanda made me feel better an she asked if I wanted to come stay at her house an I was like lemme ask, but my mom said no (bitchy mood) an So I hung up with amanda an cried fer a few minutes, an then my dad told me that he'd gimme a ride out there, so I brought my pie to amandas an my dad made me feel better about the whole thing, an it was good. An me an Amanda had a lot of fun. I'm gladt that I went cause Feeling sorry for yourself is stupid. I'm so glad that I saw him at all... you know? So I'm greatful for seeing him, you gotsa be happy with what you get: ) An what I got friday i LOVED, completely:) So everythings good. I went an saw the cat in the hat with amanda an chelsea today, which I have to admit was a lil weird, but ti was fun: ) So then I came home an called mike, they got home safe an everything,a nthen he asked if he could call me later cause he was watching a movie with his mom. an I was like sure, so he called me back later an he told me that he was really sorry, an he didn't know they were going back home, an he took a nap waiting for the traffic to die down around randall an when he woke up they were like close to home, an he was like where are you going? An his parents told him an he was like fuck you know? CAuse he wanted to see me bad haha. So they got home late an he didn't call me. But then he told me how bad he felt an how much he missed me, an then he started crying, an then I started crying an then we were crying an he told me that he missed me so much, an everyhting.. an then we stopped crying an I MIGHT get to see him not this weekend, but next, so It'll be fine: ) But yeah, that's all I gotsa say, even tho it was kian a lot that I had to say. I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH, an I miss him like nothing else. I asked him what he wanted for christmas, he said that he wanted me ina a big bow an nothing else hahah. Funny guy:) But yeah. I'm gonna go dream about muh baby:) So I'll talkt o ya'll later.. Oh yeah, he's WIAA offensive player of the year:) Good job babe:). Later

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