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Sam (shortychick_06) wrote,
@ 2003-11-21 16:58:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Brand New-Secondary

    Trying Again
    My journal was suspened again, so I'm trying this one haha. I dunno what I did to get suspened, but it's happend both times I had a blurty. So I dunno.. but yeah. Today was pretty cool I spose. I wore pajama pants, an a big sweatshirt, so it was a comfy day. I'm in hte second round for solo auditions, an we'll find out monday who gets em. I was just really happy that I get to see Mike tomorrow: ). Instead of going to the play tonight with talia or going to laura's party, I'm staying home to clean the house. There's a lot of stuff that looks bad, an I don't Mike to see my house all messy Lol. And I decided to make him pumpkin pie hehe, so I'm going to the store ina lil bit. I miss him so much haha. But tomorrow'll be fun: ) I retook that Chem quiz today, an I think that I got all the problems right except one, but I did it in the for I was sposed to so I'll only get a few pts taken off. So I'm hoping that it'll be good: ). I'm reading a good book right now, it's called Secrecy by Belva Plain, it's good, you guys should check it out. Well I don't really have all that much to say, but maybe later I will. So until later.

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