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Sam (shortychick_06) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 23:50:00
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    Current mood: contemplative

    It's the Friday night after thanksgiving. Yeah... the last time I wrote was Wednesday i believe so yeah... lets see what happened.... I went an babysat my neighbors, they were both actually really good, and it was fun, we played lotsa games an they had fun. Then after they went to sleep I tried calling Mike a few times, but he wasn't home. So I was a lil sad that I didn't get to talk to him, an i was like wondering why he hadn't tried to call me in three days. You know? So I fell asleep an then my mom woke me up an I walked back to my house, an Mike called, but I wasn't there: ( So then I went an dreamt about him all night long. Then thursday i woke up an had to help get the thanksgiving stuff together. We ate thanksgiving dinner/lunch at my neighbors house this year, we all helped out with making the food an stuff. So that went pretty well but I ate WAY too much haha. Then my mom, my bro, and I drove to Milwaukee to my moms side of the family, for their thanksgiving that was fun too. It was nice to see everyone. My aunt and uncle are stranded in paris, so their daughter lauren put together the festivities an she did a great job: ) Um... yeah, so I forgot to call mike, an then it was like 10 when I realized that I hadn't so I didn't wanna call his house, so I called his cell... just in case he had it on... but he didn't so I didn't get to talk to him last night either. So yeah, needless to say I was sad ha ha. Cause I missed his voice an the way he talks to me, I just miss him lots. So then today we went shopping with my cousin, an I got a new coat. Red for the Badgers next year! Hehe. I was looking for mikes christmas present, but I couldn't find anything that was screaming his name, so we're going this week sometime, so I can get him something b4 I see him next weekend. So yeah, shopping was fun, I got a few other things, but I'm lazy, so I'm not typing them up hah. Then my mom decided that she wanted to stay at laurens another night, so my mom an my aunts an uncles an older cousins, all went out to some bar. So of course, me an jon are stuck here doing absolutely nothing. I called mikes house tonight,an the first time no one was home an the second time his dad answered. Suprisingly me an his dad talked fer like 5 minutes an he was real sweet: ) But mike wasn't home, he said that he'd tell him I called an give him the number when mike came home, but he thought that he was leaving his grandmas to do something with his friends, so I dunno.. It's 1233 An I don't htink that he'd call this late, which is fine, I'm sure that he had a good time tonight an that's good: ) I just miss him an wanna see him, real bad, you knwo? Yeah. Well jon's getting really bored, so i'm gonna go, write me comments tho, i need something to do. An what the hell is up with me not getting ANY emails?!

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