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frankie (shortshit5) wrote,
@ 2003-04-20 21:13:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:another day is gone- until sundown

    butterflies and eggs
    oh god i think im sick, ate too many hard boiled eggs. i had a good easter, spent time with my family. well half of it. i had i talk with my grandma about her dieing.. that was kinda weird. i dont know how we got on the subject, i think because the dishes she was putting away.. anyways. we decided she was going to live to see all of us get married, and have kids, so that gives her till she's atleast 110. oh my. im scared. i dont wanna lose anyone, but u know it could happen any day, any second. i think we might find nicoles results out tomorrow. that gives me the gitters. tomorrow i am going to end it with jeff. and i dont know how, or what im going to say so i'm so nervous. and i wanna puke. yicky. how come i can't have a good relationship? i always end up in these crappy "take advantage of her gullible-ness" relationships. i dont know what im going to say, or when. oh gosh oh gosh. i dont wanna go to school. i'm sick. and i have horrible cramps (from god knows what, my girly week is over.) i need to get in shape. im all nervous again... im going to go ..

    and all i saw in your eyes was wrong

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