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frankie (shortshit5) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 19:24:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:none

    "motivate me"
    8th grade. i liked that grade. mr. carzoli was my favorite teacher. he's in the marines... he always came up with funny things like the daily challenge, the foam art sculptures, the "motivation" and max powers. i miss him. he works at bensenville now, and he is over with the soldiers. i hope he gets home all right. but the reason i brought this up. i currently have no motivation in my life. im so sick of living. sick of school, sick of home. i feel like a big meaning less blob of goop. i need something to motivate me. im so bored. i cant take it. i need something happy to look forward too. i need to have some fun. another weekend is coming. and i cant really do anything, and don't wanna do anything with a someone. im getting sick of relationships. maybe im sick. coco went to the doctor today. she has to get surgery, and then a biopsy on the "golf ball sized" thingy.. i hope she's okay. haha she was showing me where they took blood. i hate homework.i have a high d in history a c in gym bio and algebra. im gonna go now... i don't really have anything to say. go to Saturday's concert... im really looking forward in seeing if pat comes(and maybe spending some time with him) he makes me feel happy when i talk to him. i can have a horrible day and when i look at pat i just have to smile. i guess thats bad cuz we both have a bf/gf... jeff bores me... so shoot me. dont tell anyone. im going now

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