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My suicide kisses (shootmedead) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 16:30:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:My Music isnt working BLAHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Quiz =) Oi i miss these things,...i have more Mwahahahaa
    +name: Jacqueline Susanne Hamlin [I swear if you ever say that again I’ll kill you]
    +best feature: I have any?
    +first crush: Some guy in third grade.. I fought with this girl Nicole.. Man she was a bitch.
    +piercings: Ears,… soon to be lip and tongue… Miranda you still up for it?
    +boyfriend/girlfriend now : eh, no
    +# of times heart broken: who counts anyway...?

    +worst thing to say: "we've got to talk..."
    +hearts i have broken: I don’t think I’ve broken any… to bad.
    +what were u doing 15 mins ago: Listening to life go by…
    +what are u wearing now: Blue shorts, Megan’s all american reject shirt, Purdy black undies and matching bra, surpise they match…LOL Josh… =P
    +u shy or outgoing: Mostly outgoing… but I got shy one time… wait two times…
    +sleep with stuffed animals: Yup, one heh… I’ve had it for 8 years
    +feature you notice first: faces and their eyes.
    +looks/personality: whats the use of a beautiful exterior when inside theirs nothing but ugly?
    +tan or fair: I don’t give a damn.
    +would you ever date a friend: tried it once… didn’t end like I wanted it to and it hurt… really hurt.

    +color : black, red, pink and blue… oh and silver =)
    +thing to do: read, sleep, cuddle, write my book [im writing as fast as I can.. Stop pressuring me to hurry up…or ill kill them with a gun.. It’ll be boring…serves you right]
    +ocean or pool: pools are clean but the ocean, how pretty over a sunset.
    +favorite movie: new best friend, american history x, Finding nemo, the Craft, the crow movies and the Nightmare before Christmas..and pretty in pink… and ah I have to many…
    +love or lust: love
    +silver or gold: silver
    +diamonds or pearls: diamonds
    +showers or baths: baths are nice, NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERV!
    +food: chicken fingers and enchiladas
    +holiday: halloween
    +animal: My billy goat named God
    +drink: mountain dew
    +fruit: Orange
    +Room In house: My room, my own getaway…
    +Type of music: kinds youd have to be crazy not to like
    +Memory: [smiles evily]
    +Day of the Week: friday, saturday
    +Month: September, October, and December…
    +Season: autumn
    +Location for dates: anywhere if youve got the right person with you...

    +cried when someone died: [sarcastically] No dip shit, I laughed my ass off… I litterally drowned in my tears…
    +drank alcohol: Yes =)
    +smoked: Double Yes =) =)
    +lied: oh yea, im notorious
    +fallen for ur best friend: yup =( didn’t end right
    +rejected someone: [shrugs] I don’t call it rejecting…
    +used someone: absolutely…depends…
    +been cheated on: not really...not like it mattered, Mike is just a bastard and needs to die, lol just playing…
    +cheated on someone: Flirting does not mean cheating…
    +done something u regret: like anybody hasn’t.
    +obsessive: On some things.
    +could u live without the computer?: ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I can sell it if I wanted to… well no…no not really…im a nerd and I love it [hugs computer and kisses the screen]
    +trust others way too easily: Not really.
    +Gotten in a fight: Yes, but the bitch deserved it,..ah excuse me… bitches deserved it.
    +Been to New York?: Nope, why? Want to see me get gang raped? Mobbed? Shootened 15 times?
    +Been to Florida?: Well, seeing is how I live in the sunshine state I suppose ive visited there a few times.
    +California?: Yup =) <3333
    +Hawaii?: No.. and get shot with a volcanic rock, I don’t think so… but it would be cool to go…
    +Mexico?: ok..never ever ever…
    +China?: Nope
    +where would you love to travel to?: Rome.
    +whats ur middle name?: Susanne (how uckie)
    +what are you scared of: monsters, being alone, love, and heights
    +i dream about: death, friends, going deaf

    DO YOU
    +play an instrument: does blowing into a bottle count?
    +like the taste of alcohol: about anything but beer
    +go to church: once every 3-4 months
    +have any secrets: yea...more now than ever
    +like sarcasm: my lifes sarcasm
    +sing in the shower: its where I sound the best.
    +cried because of someone saying something to u: sensitive..
    +color ur hair: Sometimes, but I like my color so I only tint it
    +flowers or candy: roses all the way

    +makes u laugh the most? hmmm...its not an argument, Tasha Miranda Katie and Megan
    +makes you smile: Tasha
    +gives u a funny feeling when u see them: eh...not talking no more.
    +Do you have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: No
    +Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: Of course/
    +Are You Lonely Right Now: yes...i really am
    +Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: no, one day I will when im ready.
    +Do You Want To Get Married: yes
    +Do You Want Kids: yes
    +Red or blue?: red
    +Spring or fall?: fall
    +Santa or Rudolph?: Santa
    +Math or English?: English
    +What are you going to do after you finish this survey?: call Tasha and do my damn project.
    +High school or college: in high school now
    +Are you bored?: i wouldnt be doing this if i wernt
    +How many buddies are on?: 41
    +Last movie you saw?: While your sleeping
    +Last noise you heard?: *Burp*
    +Things you like in a girl/guy: intellegence, good taste in music, ability to communicate
    +What's on your mouse pad?: Black, original but I don’t give a shit
    +Favorite magazine?: cosmo
    +Worst feeling in the world?: heart break, being lonely
    +What is the first thing you think when you wake up: Maybe this day will be different..
    +Chocolate or vanilla?: vanilla
    +If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?: photographer
    +Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?: ambidextrous
    +Location: jacksonville
    +College Plans: anywhere
    +Are You Timely or Always Late: both
    +like Being around People: yes, unless im in a bad mood

    +Cried: yes
    +Bought Something: incense
    +Talked To Someone: as we speak (LITTERALY!)
    +Had A Serious Talk: ...yea...
    +Kissed Someone: depends, he is only shit now

    +i want: someone who will love me
    +i wish: i could see inside youre head
    +i love: ......
    +i miss: makeing-out
    +i fear: being alone
    +i wonder: why my life seems like a joke.


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