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|•Just Call Me Mom•| (shoegoddess1184) wrote,
@ 2004-07-26 15:42:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:*Autobiography* - Ashlee Simpson

    *Nothing New*
    Not much is going on in my boring life. I haven't baby-sat in the past 2 weeks becuz they've been with their relatives, which is nice, except that now I don't have any money. I baby-sit Thursday, Friday and Sunday this week. With my Thursday's money I have to pay to get my birth certificate, with Friday's I'm getting my nails done, and with Sunday's I think I'm getting Ashlee Simpson's CD. On Saturday we have a family reunion to go to with Jay's family. A lot of them haven't seen Jacob yet and are really looking forward to it. I got a new journal at greatest journal, and my sn is justcallmemom, so if any of you have it, please add me! Thanx! I'm still going to be on Blurty, cuz I prefer Blurty, but I have a few friends over at GJ who I want to keep in touch with. Jacob is doing great! He's been a little crabby lately, mostly becuz he's had gas, but other than that he's been good. He's finally discovered his hands, and he sucks on them a lot. He smiles so much more now, and laughs. Itz so cute! We didn't do much over the weekend. Jay had to work yesterday, and me and Jay's mom took Jacob to the flea market and grocery shopping, and then I went to my friends baby shower. It was nice...I had fun. I felt bad for her though becuz she didn't get very much. Our friends are cheap. LoL. She's due to have her baby September 2nd, and she's naming her Emma Jean. My other friend Rachel is pregnant too and due to have her baby September 6th. She's naming her Amaya Grace. I'm suppose to go to her shower next month. We're getting Jacob's 3 month professionals sometime next month. He'll be 3 months the 18th. I've been trying to get a job, becuz baby-sitting just isn't cutting it. I only get 30-50 bucks a week, which isn't anything. Jay works but most of his money goes in the bank, and I want to help out, too. I still don't have my social security number, though, which is what is holding me back from getting a REAL job. In order to get it, I have to get a long form birth certificate from Canada, which is where I was born, and it shows all of my parent's info and everything, so I sent in for that today, and it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to get back. Once I do, I have to take it to the social security office, then take them my parent's birth certificates, and I also have to show them a document previous to my birth of where my parents lived to prove that they lived here in America. Itz a real pain in the ass, and I'll be glad when itz finally taken care of. Then I'm gonna put in apps around here and where my mom works for part-time work and hopefully I'll get some call backs. On Saturday we didn't do anything...we went to Wal-Mart for a few things and my parents took Jacob for most of the day to spend some time with him since they don't get to see him as much. But that's pretty much it. Sorry for the boring update. Either way, leave me some love! Byes!

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