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lois (shmois) wrote,
@ 2003-11-02 22:07:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:queen-break thru

    woooooooo the gig now that was kool!well b4 we get 2 they gig lets have an update onhockey...girls and boys both lost JOY, sk8ed with my bor kiearn for an hour inbetween the matches it was kool i lernt fakie 2 axal's pretty radical i recon!
    neways GIG>>>me and ella went as pink ladies,it was realy kool hehe val and rache wore bunny outfits like the playboy bunny it was sooooo stupidly funny.ther was no alchol at this gig pretty rad i think jeromy was stoned and lorrie was so out of his head that he let everyone spray paint his hair!james demayo went as a townie and shaved all his hair off he looked weird,but val still thought he was fit EL O EL!elliott joe and josh were kinda boring the whole gig they were just sitting down on chairs like old ladies 4 like the whole thing it was funnni and kinda gay cause i only went with elliott twice!
    nat and beth finally lost ther lip virginity!LOL natalie went with kieran sweet and beth went with tom pelly and matt the little slut, yet tom still has a g/f?=oSjoe fancies natalie it's realy kool but gay cause i still like him well i have r ever but u no i dont mind!
    mmmmmm jake and rache didnt go with eachother even though they both wanted 2 so thats rather gay i think dont u!?!ummmmm i cant remember much else about the gig except me and elliott have rythem;o)!i saw mark ther that was kinda gay cause i do still like hima nd apparently he had been crying=oS =o( i feal realy bad and dont no weather i shud have finished with him or not ekkkk how gay
    ok then...2day umm i finaly had a good lie in slept around ella's and stayed in bed untill like ummmm 12 YAY hehe!we did nothing much all day except eat go on msn and begging amanda and mark 2 move 2 the house over the road and we cud have the back house ooo how cool we cud have a band room for our band... The MoFo's! shure the name is kool!and have a ramp and everything!
    neways no one will b readying this it's 222222222 long!newasy went hockey and had a burger king ooo highlight of the day i reackon!
    going!loves and hugs loisx

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