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Brian (shinyshinyooh) wrote,
@ 2003-04-19 19:17:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    Been keepin' a kinda low profile since Tuesday. See, me and Lady Lutey had a kinda fallin' out an it wasn't the best thing 'cos all I was was worried about the girl and she kept fainting an all. Sad.

    Ain't seen Thor for ages either - which is also dead sad. I like the kid, he's a good lad. And I ain't seen him for ages. Tris, if ya readin' this, come to mine later an' I can show ya the stuff I promised to, alright mate?

    Cahira, she's this girl who I was sittin' with at tha table - she's a cute one.

    Jeez, I should really stop thinkin about who's cute round here an' do something. Okay, I think Aura's comin' out for a bit now


    Darlings! I'm BACK! So WONDERFUL that you are all here to see me, ya bastards!

    I'm kinda in a Shirley Bassey mood, so I'm in me Goldfinger sheath dress with the split up to the thigh an the gold heels and the nails and lips all tha same. Damn, I'm lookin' good. I'm gonna wander round an say hi ta people I think. An hope I run into they guys up there that I said about.

    Apart from Lutey, she has ta stay away for a bit before I bitchslap the cow or somethin'

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