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Spammy (shesawhitegirl) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 05:36:00
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    man...i havent wrote in this thingy for like a super long time......lets see whats happened since i last wrote i think the last time i wrote was when i met issac and that is super old night when i was out with my cuz heather and aunt debbie3 and pipper and aunt pipper answered the phone when issac called me and she was pretending to my mother and this is what she told him....."Brittaney does not like you so i would really appreaiate it if you would not call her anymore thanks! this is her mother!" so that was that with the issac thing iam really not mean but when someone is like YEA I THINK IAM IN LOVE YOU IN LESS THAN 3 DAYS YOU HAVE TO BE FREAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but now i do have a boyfriend who the best he treats me like a queen (this is how i should have been treated years ago) so now iam really really HAPPY! His name is Joe hes 3 years older than me but i know that what iam doing is right, all i do is follow my heart! thats why i do the things that i do. Me and Joe had our first fight and it was my fault, i was just PMSING!!!!!!!! oh well...hehe. oh yeah and LUIS IS THE BIGGEST FAG he told me he was going to kick JOE's ass i was like HA! YOU WISH! well iam going to leave iam going to an old friends house to have some drinks....muahahahahhha......JOES IN san ANTONIO:( BETTER BE CAREFUL BABE!

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