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Just Another Girl (shellybellyqt) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 10:15:00
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    Awesome Trip
    My boyfriend is amazing. The trip with the fam went awesome! I had soo much fun, I am so glad I was able to go with them. Being with Matt from waking up in the morning until going to bed was so incredible, it made me so happy. I met some of him relatives that live up there, so ti was really nice. We stayed in a small, one-room cabin. it was so cute. NH is so beautiful. I have been there many times before but at this time of the year the leaves are all colorful and everything, it was absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention the Yankees won while I was up there =D

    LOL. Someone called the restaraunt lastnight and was like "yankees suck" and then they hung up right away. HAHA it was hilarious. I just hope they win for my dads sake... I barely know n e thing about baseball, but I still like them cuz of my dad and brothers...I'm forced too.... haha jk.

    but yea, today is Matts bday!! he is turning 17. I'm gonna be going over his house to bake him cookies since he loves them.. and we're having a cake for him. he doesnt know i am gonna be over there so its kinda cool =)
    and then I gotta run out for a couple more things for his present. I want him to have the best birthday. He's soooo awesome! Ah its unbelievable.

    So my weekend was outstanding. I wish it didnt have to end. But o well, there will be other great weekends too =)

    I guess thats it for now...

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