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Just Another Girl (shellybellyqt) wrote,
@ 2003-09-12 15:00:00
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    eh.. today was ok. kinda upsetting in the morning but the end of the day was fine. wednesday i had some meetings after school and then i met kay and liz at gwens house, waited for liz to get done babysitting, and then me and the girls went to Friendly's. mmmm soo good. we walked back to kays...those girls were acting insane! haha. i love them so much, they are crazy. we all went to youth group from there, it was a good night, a little boring but thats alright... it was game night, i sit out n e ways hah. but seeing everyone was a nice time.

    yesterday i went over matts after school and hung out. then we went to work from there. it was a good night at work. pretty busy. i got home, did some homework, talked on the phone, not too bad.

    im gonna be going to work soon. timmy boy works tonight, and on top of it all.... my matty boy does again too! woot woot! heh. i cant wait for homecoming next week, it is going to be fun! hopefully me and the girls will get ready together before it. liz is getting her dress tomorrow with kay, cant wait to see what she ends up getting!

    alrighty... im out

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