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Shayna (shayna1234) wrote,
@ 2004-07-24 17:21:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:None-TV

    Kissing survey
    The Ultimate Kissing Survey

    Age of first kiss: 9

    Number of people you've kissed: no clue

    French kissing is: fun

    The worst kind of kiss is: to much tongue

    The best kisser you know: G

    The worst kisser you know: jon

    The celebrity you'd like to kiss: Christina Aguilera

    Friend you would like to kiss: Ive kissed all the ones ive wanted to

    Favorite movie kiss: Spiderman

    Do you kiss on the first date? Yes

    Eyes open or closed? a little of both

    Average number of kisses you get a day: 12

    Ever kissed a friend's boyfriend or girlfriend? yes

    The last person you kissed: jesse or kassie i cant remember

    Best placed to be kissed:

    Have you kissed someone of the same sex? yes

    What about the opposite sex? yes

    Do you consider kissing cheating? yes

    The longest you've gone without a kiss: month and a half

    The kiss you regret most is: one of my friends boyfriends shawn

    Kissing in public is: normal

    Tongue rings are: FUN

    Two girls kissing is: Hot

    Two guys kissing is: gross

    Take The Ultimate Kissing Survey

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