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Shayna (shayna1234) wrote,
@ 2004-01-02 21:50:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:none

    I got dumped on sunday :/. It really hurt for some reason. ok this is how it happened -I called him to see if he wanted to hang out cuz i didnt see him in like a week and he said no so obviously i was like wtf!! so i asked him if he even wanted to be with me anymore and he said he didnt know so i was getting really sad and i was like you need to be honest with me please be honest with me do you want to be with me anymore and he said not really sorry and i was like dont be bye and hung up. i almost cried! i never EVER get emotional about break ups. so yeah now im single which blows. he was my longest relationship and its gonna suck having to see him with other girls.
    damnnnn new years was weird. i was supposed to go with my friend kayla and get drunk with her and find me a new boyfriend so i could try to get over eddie but a bunch of my other friends wanted to hang out so i ditched kayla. i ended up going to pick up ashley and mike and we were supposed to get some alcohol and go back to jamies to party. it took us an hour and a half to get ahold of mikes sister to get us something *we arent 21 yet* which blowed. anyways we ended up with just a bottle of 99 bananas cuz i didnt want to spend alot of my money. so we went back to jamies and just chilled.. i ended up drinking 3/4ths of the liter and was about to drink my last cup full but they took it away from me *good idea now but i was pissed at the time*. basically after they took it away from me i finally started to feel it.
    i dont remember most of what happend but i do remember i puked all over my car and in some gas stations. my friends were going to bring me to the hospital because they thought i had alcohol posioning. all i know is i ended up naked in a shower with my friends trying to get the puke out of my hair. i was told i kept hitting myself saying im going to die and that i miss eddie. so basically my new years was one i cant remember all to great *which i think is good lol*. i have come to the conclusion im never drinking that much again i had the worst hangover the next day!
    now im sick as hell i think i have the flu and it sucks. my whole body hurts :(

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